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    Neon Animals: 180 New Species of Fluorescent Fish

    Researchers 'accidentally' discovered 180 new species of neon bioluminescent fish when studying coral that glows in the dark.

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    Print Green: 3D Print Real Grass in Fun Shapes

    A 3D printer squirts out a mixture of mud and grass seeds in three dimensions, so you can grow grass in virtually any shape you can imagine.

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    Yellow Fever Reliever: 7 Blight-Resistant Bananas

    With Cavendish bananas threatened by a devastating fungus, fruit-lovers with “yellow fever” can peel one of these 7 tasty blight-resistant bananas instead.

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    Extreme Travel: 7 Stone & Salt Wonders of the Natural World

    These seven surreal locations around the world offer amazing views of alien-like stone and salt formations, for those hardy enough to access them.

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    Retired City Bus Turned Traveling Double-Decker Hotel

    A double-decker city bus has now become a spacious and comfortable traveling hotel with room to sleep six in the English countryside.

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    Steal This Meal: 2013's Seven Grossest Food Thefts

    As 2013 draws to a close, let's take a tasteful look at seven criminals who bit off MUCH more than they could chew. We're gonna need a bigger calorie counter.

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    17 Horrifying Aerial Photos of Environmental Devastation

    These aerial photographs give us a disturbing large-scale view of major environmental catastrophes like oil spills and the effects of factory farming.

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    Pink Preying Mantis Looks Exactly Like an Orchid Flower

    This master of disguise is a preying mantis that has evolved to look just like a bright pink orchid so it can draw in its unsuspecting prey.

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