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    The Earthship Era: Eco-Friendly Luxury Living

    An introduction to Earthships, completely self-sustaining, eco-friendly homes.

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    Celebrating Earth Day with 20 Fantastic Globes

    Inspirational globes for Earth Day inspire a sense of unity and invokes the urgency for everyone to get on board with the green movement.

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    10 Eco-Galactic Spacecraft Working to Save the Planet

    These ten spacecraft have been (or, in one case, would have been) instrumental to our current understanding of the Earth's environment.

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    Liquid Technology: 12 Wonderful Water-Powered Designs

    In the race to implement clean, green renewable energy, hydro-power is becoming all the rage. Check out these 15 amazing water-powered designs.

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    The Destructive Process of Mountaintop Removal

    The long process of removing a mountaintop to access the coal underneath puts local communities at risk of water and air pollution and turns entire ecosystems to rubble.

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    22 Things You Didn't Know You Could Compost

    The unique benefits of composting include a reduction of waste needlessly going into landfills and the production of a free stable, organic soil amendment.

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    Clean Coal? 10 of the World's Dirtiest Power Plants

    Coal is the undisputed leader in dirty fuel sources. But beyond the issue of global warming, coal-fired power plants are also dangerously dirty in other ways.

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    Car-Free: 15 Cities Where Pedestrians Rule

    Cars are great, but have you ever wanted to get rid of yours? There are cities out there where it is possible to get by and get around without getting into a car.

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