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    Handi-Capable Pets & Amazing Animal Heroism

    There are some truly amazing animals who have overcome disabilities to help fellow animals as well as their owners - saving and rescuing against all odds.

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    7 Architectural Wonders of the Natural World

    You thought man-made wonders were impressive? Here are seven of the most awe-inspiring animal architects and architectonic structures of the animal kingdom

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    The Largest Gorges & Canyons in the World

    The following collection has a mix of the longest, deepest, and widest (in area) canyons and gorges from around the world.

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    Facts and Stats About Our Blue Planet

    Let's take a look at some of the most interesting facts and mysteries surrounding the Earth.

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    Strangest Environmental News of 2008

    Weird green tech and bad-ass hybrids. Shmeat...and the naked celebs promoting it. The coldest record on year and the Maldives' panic attack. It's been a wild year in green

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    10 Amazing Remote Public & Private Islands

    The most remote islands on earth, islands in lakes, the smallest islands, islands in cities and other amazing islands.

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    42 Works of Fire Art and Sculpture

    Fire artists come in all kinds - from fire dancers and performers to sculptors, architects and builders. Modern fire performance has taken an huge range of directions.

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    29 Disturbingly Creative Ads for the Environment

    Here is a collection of 29 disturbingly creative advertisements from 5 different organizations trying to spread awareness and make a change.

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