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    View the World Through 7 Animals' Eyes

    How different animals see color and animal vision including rod diversity, color blindness and perspective in dogs, cats, horses, snakes, insects and more.

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    Strangely Stylish Sustainable Furniture Designs

    Furniture designers have gotten incredibly creative when it comes to sustainable materials and concepts, to the point of the bizarre in some cases.

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    (Catur)day Comes Early: 7 Craziest Celebrity Cats

    From toilet trained and seeing-eye to station master and ceiling cats here are some of the strangest celebrity felines to make front pages and prime time around the world.

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    WebEcoist 121: 6 Months of Awesome

    t seems like yesterday that WebEcoist was launched with a mandate to cover "even more of your favorite travel, art, architecture and oddities, but with a twist:

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    Art of Animal Abuse, Cruelty & Torture

    Let's take a brief look at this hopefully transient trend and think about what art really is. Is it culture, or is it barbarianism?

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    Great Goats: Climbing, Fainting and More

    Tree climbing, fainting and mountain goats as well as some odds and ends thrown in for entertainment - who knew this one type of animal could be so cool?

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    5 Highest (Accessible) Places on Earth

    Extreme altitude, highest places in the world, highest cities and villages on the planet, and most remote high altitude geographic locations on earth.

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    Creative, Strange & Artistic Recycling Projects

    10 examples of amazing architecture, art and even fuel created from discarded materials like a decontamination chamber, used coffee filters and dirty diapers.

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