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    Rare Endangered Plants Flowers and Trees

    Unusual rotten meat corpse flowers, endangered plants, rare trees, unusual cactus and other bizarre flora threatened by global warming and deforestation.

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    Biomass & Thermal Power Systems & Designs

    Unlike solar and wind power generators, an earth energy biomass or geothermal power system is often completely invisible in the finished design of a building.

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    30 Land, Water, Fire and Sky Disasters

    There is nothing like a natural disaster to remind humans how little control we have over the most powerful land, water, fire and weather forces on the planet.

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    8 Majestic but Critically Endangered Mammals

    An astonishing 1 in 4 mammals worldwide are in critical danger (either threatened or endangered). Here are some of the particularly beautiful species that are on the list.

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    Easy, Cheap, Fast Vegetarian Meals and Recipes

    Recipes that are vegetarian, healthy for you, good for the planet, cheap, fast, delicious, and easy to make.

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    52 Land, Water, Fire and Sky Phenomena

    According to an ancient Greek philosopher all matter is comprised of four elements: earth, water, fire and air. Here are 52 natural phenomena and formations by element.

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    Creative Dog, Cat and Other Pet Furniture

    See odd pet furniture including bizarre dog houses, luxury pet furniture, aquariums, unusual cat furniture and more.

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    25 Sublime Sky, Air and Cloud Photos

    From bright blue sunny skies and other amazing air phenomena and formations to multicolored thunderclouds and chilling airborne disasters and ominous weather patterns.

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