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    Exotic Edible House Plants, Fruits & Vegetables

    Strange, bizarre, exotic fruits and vegetables from around the world including durian, buddha's hand, starfruit and more odd fruits.

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    Strange & Amazing Animal Camouflage

    Learn about animal camouflage and shape shifting defense mechanisms of animals, from the mimic octopus to the leaf butterfly and more.

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    13 Essential Green Gadgets for Geeks

    Learn the best green gadgets to help the environment and save money, from electronics to computer gadgets to power savers and chargers.

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    Hydroelectric, Tidal & Wave Power Systems

    Here are sixteen of the most innovative, creative and cutting edge tidal, wave and hydroelectric power designs currently pushing the alternative energy envelope.

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    Biggest and Most Expensive Green Homes

    Green homes are becoming an increasingly popular trend, with eco-friendly dwellings - from apartment buildings to monstrous mansions - popping up all over the world.

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    Endangered Fish Species and Marine Life

    Some of the world's most amazing and threatened fish species from around the world - endangered due to changes in climate as well as poor fishing practices.

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    Eco-Friendly Meat Meals, Tips & Recipes

    Don't want to go vegetarian? Here are some sustainable meat consumption tips for local, organic, grass-fed meat and meals and recipes for the green meat consumer.

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    9 Strange Animal Self-Defense Mechanisms

    Bizarre animals defense mechanisms of the potato beetle, opossum, skunk, bombardier beetle, hairy frog, horned lizard, hagfish, sea cucumber, and exploding ant.

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