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    Arctic Animals that Change Color

    Here's a look at 5 arctic animals that possess the amazing ability to change their color in the winter for camouflage.

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    Exotic Meat and Pets as Food

    Humans eat pets for meals around the world, including dog, cat, rat, snake, lizard, guinea pig, frogs and other animals.

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    15 Environmental and Nature Photographers

    Photographers who capture amazing HDR, macro, long range, underwater and nighttime images of landscapes, animals, weather phenomena and more.

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    30 Awesome Works of Air, Sky & Wind Art

    Air, wind and sky artists can challenge our preconceptions and broaden our (literal) horizons by problematizing the simplistic duality of Earth and Sky.

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    Facts and Stats About Our Sun

    The Sun is the largest object in our solar system and is of utmost importance to the existence of life on our planet Earth.

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    15 Funny & Literal Green Gift Ideas

    From Green Eggs and Ham and the Giant Green Egg to Al Green and Soylent Green here are some quirky alternatives for greening your holiday gift shopping.

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    Reusable Alternative Christmas Tree Designs

    There are plenty of alternative options that are cheaper, reusable, and often much cooler than the traditional Christmas tree and some amazing ornaments to go with them.

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    15 Adorably Tiny Miniature Pets & Animals

    Ridiculously cute and tiny creatures like the pygmy marmoset, bee hummingbird, mouse lemur and a cat that fits in a pint glass.

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