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Transportation is at the heart of modern mobility but also at the intersection of many of the worlds biggest problems, from fuel usage to socioeconomic disparities. Could new innovations in vehicles and mass transit be the answer to making for an even more connected and yet also eco-friendly planet?

Fueled Again: ACEEE’s 12 Meanest Vehicles for 2014

Fuel me again, shame on you! The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) lists the meanest (least green) 2014-model vehicles sold in the USA.

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Roll Lawn: ACEEE’s 12 Greenest Vehicles for 2014

Each year the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) rates the greenest vehicles sold in the USA... and no American vehicles made the cut.

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Symphony of Spokes: Music Made on Bicycle Components

Inspired by childhood bicycling memories, a composer creates surprisingly beautiful music using nothing but bike parts like spokes, gears and brakes.

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Retired City Bus Turned Traveling Double-Decker Hotel

A double-decker city bus has now become a spacious and comfortable traveling hotel with room to sleep six in the English countryside.

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Spark My Spokes: 7 Amazingly Cool Electric Bikes

So electric bicycles are a thing... but make no mistake, they're no passing fad. Speedy, silent and emissions-free, e-bikes are in it for the long run.

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Electric Bike Powered by Sunshine - No Battery Required

Get the extra boost of an electric bike without a battery - this cool e-bike incorporates four lightweight solar panels that help it get all the power it needs.

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DIY Bikes: 14 Crazy Homemade Cycling Creations

These wild and wacky DIY bicycle creations include a floating bike, a trike that spits fire, and a 'monster truck' bike that can roll over cars.

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Really Green Vehicles: 7 Amazing Parked Zombie Cars

Does your car exude O2 instead of CO2? Is it more forested than a Subaru Forester? You just might be the owner of one of these 7 amazing overgrown parked cars!

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Think Pink: Women-Only Parking Around The World

Safety first or a sexist worst? These mainly pink "For Women Only" parking places and spaces are meant to give ladies a break whether they want one or not.

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Stylish Cycling: 15 Practical & Fashionable Accessories

Waterproof capes, reflective belts, retro-style front lights and chic baskets are among these 15 stylish and practical cycling accessories.

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Elegant Minimalist Bicycle Made of Bamboo Reduces Waste

Renewable, all-natural bamboo poles make up the majority of this simple, elegant bicycle design.

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Stylin' Electric Scooter is Made from Hemp and Flax

This cool electric scooter has a body made from hemp and flax, and can be rented by the week or month.

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Gadget Turns a Regular Bike into an Electric Bike

The Rubbee is a clamp-on device that turns an ordinary bicycle into an electric bike with a 15-mile range within seconds.

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Solar Charging Car Canopy Unfurls From the Trunk

This cool-looking solar-charging canopy unfurls like a beautiful blossom from the trunk of a car to charge the battery with the power of the sun.

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Driven to Fly: The World's First Flying Hybrid Electric Car

A company called Terrafugia has unveiled the world's first flying car, suitable for personal use, which could be available in as soon as a decade.

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