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Every one loves their favorite pieces of tech and their great little gadgets, but a change is in the wind: the new focus is not just on clever and more powerful devices but also on how to make a gadget be greener, a new technology waste less and produce more. Are your gadgets going green?

Nature + Technology Combine to Relax Stressed Urbanites

Feeling stressed and disconnected from the natural world? This website lets you combine your favorite nature sounds for a unique relaxation experience.

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World's Smallest Solar Theater Shines Light on Environment

This tiny caravan is half a century old, but it is helping to spread a thoroughly modern message about alternative energy and environmental stewardship.

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Eco-Bridge Over Troubled Times: Green Design Drives Concept

Earth-friendly design and clean energy drive this concept for an innovative bridge in Italy which may be able to provide clean power for up to 15,000 homes.

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Sol Mates: Bike Path Makes Clean Energy From Flat Surfaces

Streets and bike paths criss-cross the world, but what if they could do double duty? By putting solar cells into our roads, we could create cheap clean energy.

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Go Green by Coworking: 10 Cafe-Plus-Office Hybrids

Sit down with your laptop, have a mocha, use the free wi-fi and spend as long as you like: at these coworking space/cafe hybrids, you're encouraged to work.

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Mapping the Underworld: Digital 3D Cave Exploration

A complex system of caves beneath Nottingham, England - used for everything from dungeons to drinking dens - is revealed by high-tech 3D scanning equipment.

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Brilliant Bio-Design: 14 Animal-Inspired Inventions

That's not a bat in the sky - it's a surveillance camera. Scientists and engineers are looking toward animal and human biology to inspire inventions like these.

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Truly Eco-Friendly, Or Corporate Greenwashing?

Greenwashing is the deceptive use of green marketing and public relations pushes to imply that a company's products are more eco friendly than they really are.

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Oceanic Biomimicry: 13 Designs Inspired by the Sea

Tough body armor, pollution-sensing robots, graceful architecture and cars designed to function like schools of fish: all examples of sea-inspired biomimicry.

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Breathtaking Views of Mexico's Hidden Underwater River

Far beneath the surface of the water in a cave on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula sits a magical secret: a spectacular river the flows even underwater.

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Recycling Renegade: Guns Melted for Tree-Planting Shovels

Guns are the ultimate symbol of street violence, but this artist is turning them into something beautiful: shovels that will be used to plant trees worldwide.

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4 of the Most Unusual Green Products and Processes

Green technology revolves around interesting uses of old products and processes. Innovation is often strange and... a little gross, at least, in these cases.

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Fan-Tastic! 10 Cool Colorful Wind Turbine Designs

These 10 cool colorful wind turbines artfully illustrate how adding a little color to wind farms could attract "fans", repel bugs, and save bats & birds.

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11 Unbuilt Visions for Stalled Urban Architecture Projects

Thousands of construction sites sit empty due to lack of funding, but what if designers and architects were given free reign to bring them back to life?

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Inflatable Icebergs Beautify Stalled Construction Sites

What to do with unsightly holes in the ground left by stalled construction? Perhaps we should cover them all with these inflatable 'iceberg' structures.

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