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Every one loves their favorite pieces of tech and their great little gadgets, but a change is in the wind: the new focus is not just on clever and more powerful devices but also on how to make a gadget be greener, a new technology waste less and produce more. Are your gadgets going green?

Go Greenbacks: Carbon Fiber Wallets Aren't Cash Cows

Going green? The leather wallet in your pocket states otherwise. Put your money where your mouth is with a cool new carbon fiber wallet from Common Fibers!

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Roll Lawn: ACEEE’s 12 Greenest Vehicles for 2014

Each year the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) rates the greenest vehicles sold in the USA... and no American vehicles made the cut.

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High Tech, High Fashion: 13 Futuristic Green Garments

Sustainable technology like solar power, LED lights and even nanoparticle air filters is built right into these 13 cool eco-fashion designs.

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Screengrab Printer Saves Paper by Printing Small Selections

This cute little palm-sized printer spits out small selections of text or images onto receipt-sized notes.

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Print Green: 3D Print Real Grass in Fun Shapes

A 3D printer squirts out a mixture of mud and grass seeds in three dimensions, so you can grow grass in virtually any shape you can imagine.

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Faster Food: 8 Amazing Aids For On-The-Move Eaters

Fast food not fast enough? These 8 amazing aids for on-the-move eaters aim to add even more convenience to meals made to be dispensed, digested and disposed of.

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Garden Variety No More: 7 Amazing Unusual Rakes

Charting the rake's progress from garden tool to astronomical aid is not unlike a journey from our agricultural roots to a future scratched out of alien soil.

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Beautiful Public Light Design Offers Wind-Powered Illumination

This smart bamboo lamp invention for areas with no access to the power grid uses wind power to light LED bulbs.

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Bicycle Treehouse Elevator: Pedal-Powered Genius!

This amazing bicycle elevator creation zooms a rider from ground level to a treehouse thirty feet in the air within seconds.

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This Laser Printer is Made Almost Entirely of Cardboard

Samsung has developed a laser printer that's made almost entirely of a 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard housing that you fold into shape, origami-style.

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Gadget Turns a Regular Bike into an Electric Bike

The Rubbee is a clamp-on device that turns an ordinary bicycle into an electric bike with a 15-mile range within seconds.

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Sweat for Water: Machine Makes Perspiration Drinkable

The Sweat Machine actually extracts sweat from a load of used gym clothes and filters it into drinkable water.

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Recharge Your iPod As You Listen with Solar Headphones

OnBeat Solar Power Headphones soak up the sun while you're listening to music, charging your iPhone or tablet without an electric power source.

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Green Home of the Future: 12 Revolutionary Domestic Inventions

The eco home of the future will feature low-water washers, integrated healthy cooking systems and many more resource-saving, convenient appliances & gadgets.

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Buycott: Be a Conscious Consumer with This New App

The Buycott app lets you scan products to see who the parent companies of the brands are, and whether they're environmentally responsible.

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