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Science and research continue to be what pushes us forward as a society, the basic evolution of which is complex but educational and incredibly fascinating at the same time. These articles delve into everything from environmental inventions to sustainable discoveries and much more.

Pretty Smart: Great Green Gift & Product Packaging

The best eco-friendly packaging for gifts and products is not just highly efficient and made of recycled or natural materials, but presentable, too.

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Low Tech to High Concept: 3 Ideas for Water in Africa

These three ideas, from a simple sand filter to water vapor towers to alter the climate, aim to help solve Africa's water crisis.

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12 Green Megastructures for an Eco-Fantastic Future

Futuristic or folly? Massive megastructures for healthy high-density housing that capture or desalinate water, produce renewable energy and create micro-climates!

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That's No Moon... It's A Supermoon!

The March 19, 2011 extreme supermoon made moonlight extra bright, all night, and gave the world's photographers a great excuse to “shoot the moon."

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Marine Muse: 12 More Sea-Inspired Designs & Inventions

These 12 designs and inventions take inspiration from the sea and the marine life it contains, from a robot squid to an earthquake-resistant man-made island.

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Our Fiend The Atom: INES Rates The Worst Nuclear Accidents

Idealistic dreams of a cheap, clean, atomic-powered future are fast fading to nightmares as the INES adds one more nuclear accident to its lethal list.

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Urban Ruins: Abandoned Building Houses Architecture Academy

An abandoned apartment building in Taipei houses a most unusual architectural academy: a workshop that celebrates and welcomes urban decay and ruin.

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White Out: Global Warming Is Melting Japan's Snow Monsters

Japan's “Snow Monsters” - silent, twisted, mountain forests of stately conifers draped in frosty rime ice each winter – are under threat from climate change.

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Fission for Explanations: Gabon's Natural Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear power is a subject of hot debate in some circles, but 2 million years ago the planet was splitting Uranium atoms all on its own within the ground.

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A Striking Beauty: 7 Shocking Scenes Of Volcano Lightning

Add volcanic lightning to nature's igneous arsenal. Advances in high-speed photography show off the beauty of volcanic lightning in all its ex-static glory.

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Incredibly Leaf-Like: 12 Bio-Inspired Plant-Based Designs

An impeller shaped like a calla lily, a cactus-like building in the desert and solar panels modeled on leaves are just a few incredible plant-inspired designs.

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Fall of the Century: Stunning Pics of Dry Niagara Falls

For six incredible months in 1969, the American side of the powerful Niagara Falls was dammed up...and the water temporarily stopped flowing.

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Snow Rollers: Tumblin' Tumbleweeds Of Icy White Delight

Snow Rollers... not your grandfather's whitecaps, unless gramps is an Eskimo! This rare winter phenomenon can occur anywhere in the world if conditions are just right

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Acoustic Botany: Nature's Music Produced Scientifically

Artist David Benque explores humans' aesthetic relationship with nature in this intriguing conceptual art project: a genetically engineered musical garden.

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Brilliant Bio-Design: 14 Animal-Inspired Inventions

That's not a bat in the sky - it's a surveillance camera. Scientists and engineers are looking toward animal and human biology to inspire inventions like these.

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