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Science and research continue to be what pushes us forward as a society, the basic evolution of which is complex but educational and incredibly fascinating at the same time. These articles delve into everything from environmental inventions to sustainable discoveries and much more.

A Constructive Concept: Growing Germs to Wire the Desert

A specific type of soil bacteria could be used in conjunction with 3D printers to create inexpensive, low-waste materials with which to build electric towers.

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Spectacular Steel Reclamation Center Building Design

A boomerang-shaped steel building hovers over an auto scrapyard in this futuristic design for a steel recycling research and education center in California.

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Steel Heals: Indonesians Choo-Choose Railway Therapy

Villagers in Rawa Buaya, Indonesia, believe if they lay down on the railway tracks, electrical energy carried within the steel rails will cure their ills.

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Ahead Of The Curve: Hudson Bay's Semicircular Nastapoka Arc

Hudson Bay's Nastapoka Arc may superficially resemble the many frozen lava “seas” of the moon but its actual origins are much more down to Earth.

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Cold Comfort: 7 Amazing Antarctic Lakes

Lakes? In my frozen Antarctica? This in-depth (brrr!) look at 7 amazing Antarctic lakes shows us the 7th continent still has a few tricks up its frosty sleeve.

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Mud Men: Scientists Find an Ocean of Rare Earths

The wealth of rare earth metals found in seafloor mud samples is a bounty with a bonus: refining these essential minerals uses environmentally friendly methods.

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Cave of Forgotten Dreams: Oldest Known Pictorial Creations

Ancient paintings estimated to be 32,000 years old, found in a cave in France, are explored by director Werner Herzog in the film 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams.'

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Ethereal Colors Turn Animals of Science Into Modern Art

An artist injects the bodies of small animals with dyes to create tiny works of art that art part science and entirely fascinating.

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Test Friends: The World's 7 Most Amazing Lab Animals

These 7 amazing lab animals have, through their sacrifices, improved the efficacy of medical treatments and extended the lifespans of humans and animals alike.

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Lost Civilizations: 12 Societies that Vanished in Mystery

What happened to the Indus Valley civilization, the Minoans or the Olmec of Mexico? Alien abduction? Maybe not, but it's still a mystery.

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Bio-Engineered Bricks Grown from Urine, Bacteria & Sand

Traditional brick manufacturing is wasteful and releases loads of carbon dioxide into the air. This new, greener method could revolutionize construction.

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Breathe Easy: Building Concept Cleanses Dirty City Air

Could this concept help NYC clean up its air? Plant-filled bubbles would form an air-purifying wall enclosing a dynamic public space.

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Deep Cargo: An Ocean Of Lost Shipping Containers

Up to 10,000 shipping containers are lost at sea annually and while most sink out of sight, they and their strange & varied cargo are increasingly on our minds.

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Detox Towers: Architecture that Cleans Urban Air

The Detox Towers concept uses a dual algae bio-filter and synthetic membrane system to cleanse the air of pollutants, decreasing greenhouse gas levels.

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Bark At The Moon: A History Of Soviet Space Dogs

Laika, who leaped into orbit back in 1957, was one of over 50 Soviet “dog stars” who helped set the stage for the great Space Race. This is their story.

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