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What is natural and what is man-made? Is there a line between the two? Ecosystems are subjectively defined and nature is one of the most difficult subjects to pin down, yet it offers us incredible insights while ecosystems provide us with vital knowledge about how to live sustainably on the planet.

Eco Resorts: 13 Rustic Retreats for True Nature Lovers

At these 13 eco resorts, you'll get up close and personal with nature in treetop pods, floating lodges, huts on stilts and primitive grassy shelters.

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Yann Arthus-Bertrand: Photography With A Bird's Eye View

Photographing Earth from above, Yann Arthus-Bertrand reveals stunning vistas, with breathtaking symmetry and color.

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Freeze Frame: 10 Very Cool Frozen Waterfalls

These 10 fantastic frozen waterfalls show what happens when Mother Nature decides to take a snapshot of her most moving creations.

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A Striking Beauty: 7 Shocking Scenes Of Volcano Lightning

Add volcanic lightning to nature's igneous arsenal. Advances in high-speed photography show off the beauty of volcanic lightning in all its ex-static glory.

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Natural Glow: Australia's Amazing Bioluminescent Lake

In the Australian summer of 2008/09, a proliferation of a glowing organism turned one lake into an alien world featuring luminescent blue water.

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Snow Foolin': Completely Insane Pics of Japanese Snowfall

Parts of the U.S. may be buried under unusual amounts of snow, but our snowfall pales in comparison to the 56-foot drifts found in parts of Japan every winter.

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Incredibly Leaf-Like: 12 Bio-Inspired Plant-Based Designs

An impeller shaped like a calla lily, a cactus-like building in the desert and solar panels modeled on leaves are just a few incredible plant-inspired designs.

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Fall of the Century: Stunning Pics of Dry Niagara Falls

For six incredible months in 1969, the American side of the powerful Niagara Falls was dammed up...and the water temporarily stopped flowing.

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Snow Rollers: Tumblin' Tumbleweeds Of Icy White Delight

Snow Rollers... not your grandfather's whitecaps, unless gramps is an Eskimo! This rare winter phenomenon can occur anywhere in the world if conditions are just right

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Suspended Swedish Tree Hotel Reflects Natural Environment

Experience the woods of Northern Sweden as would a bird nestled into a hole in a tree at the Tree Hotel, a mirrored cube in the sky with room for two.

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6 Unusual Plants And Monstrous Blooms

Need a boost to your passion for nature? Here are some unusual and rare plants that will definitely pique your interest.

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Acoustic Botany: Nature's Music Produced Scientifically

Artist David Benque explores humans' aesthetic relationship with nature in this intriguing conceptual art project: a genetically engineered musical garden.

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Spits In The Ocean: Seven Spectacular Scenic Sand Spits

If you like beaches, you'll love spits. These seven spectacular scenic sand spits put you as close to the ocean as possible without getting wet.

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Truly Eco-Friendly, Or Corporate Greenwashing?

Greenwashing is the deceptive use of green marketing and public relations pushes to imply that a company's products are more eco friendly than they really are.

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Suburb in the City: Unique Skyscraper Provides Urban Green

Apartment dwellers usually have to live without their very own green spaces.This building would provide personal outdoor yards for every resident.

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