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What is natural and what is man-made? Is there a line between the two? Ecosystems are subjectively defined and nature is one of the most difficult subjects to pin down, yet it offers us incredible insights while ecosystems provide us with vital knowledge about how to live sustainably on the planet.

Emergent Behavior: Objects Swarm Like Insects in Photo Series

Leaves and man-made objects such as bright cups and even cheese balls come together like swarms of insects in Thomas Jackson's series 'Emergent Behavior.'

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Tropical Paradise: 13 Natural Wonders of Southeast Asia

Underground rivers, massive volcanic lakes, pink sand beaches and stones rising from the sea are just a few of Southeast Asia's stunning natural wonders.

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Bark Bottles: 8 Sweet Species of the Bulbous Baobab Tree

All 8 species of the twisted, bloated, otherworldly beautiful Baobab tree has survived and spread by adapting to some of the world's harshest environments.

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Marvelous Mandalas Made of Flowers and Vegetables

Artist Kathy Klein crafts amazingly intricate mandala designs from flower petals, pine cones, leaves and other natural materials.

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See Shells: The 10 Remaining Galápagos Tortoise Subspecies

“Lonesome George”, the last Abingdon Island tortoise, is gone but 10 other Galápagos tortoise subspecies remain. Let's see what's under their big ol' shells.

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13 Intriguing Natural Wonders of the Middle East

The Middle East plays host to much more than wide, sandy deserts. These 13 amazing natural wonders include volcanoes, caves and islands full of wildlife.

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Fun Fungi: World's Brightest Glow-in-the-Dark Mushroom

One of the world's brightest glow-in-the-dark mushrooms was first spotted in 1840 when a scientist saw kids playing with a strange glowing object in the street.

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Black Beauties: 10 Amazing Melanistic Animals

No, they're not pigments of your imagination, these melanistic animals are the polar opposites of albinos and display the “dark side” of genetic mutation.

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Plants for the End of the World: 15 Survivalist Species

These 15 plant species have adapted to survive the world's most extreme environments and to spread tenaciously, strangling everything else in their way.

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Amazing Sights of East Asia: 14 Natural Wonders

The mountains that inspired the movie Avatar, the clearest lake in the world and the king of all peaks are among the incredible natural wonders of East Asia.

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Green Getaways: Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

Get up close and personal with the world's largest creatures - 100-foot-long blue whales - in beautiful, tropical Sri Lanka, an island in the Indian Ocean.

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All Washed Up: 10 Bizarre Beached Creatures

Shore is strange... Beachcombers often can't believe their eyes (or noses) when encountering some of Neptune's more notable expelled exiles – can you?

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12 Mysterious & Dramatic Natural Wonders of Russia

Russia may be best known for its history, culture and architecture, but take another look at this nation's stunning natural features, from volcanoes to forests.

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Crawling Bling: Trippy Tropical Jewel Caterpillars

Jewel Caterpillars of the genus Dalceridae include some of the most beautiful caterpillars you've ever laid eyes on. Just be sure you look and don't touch!

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12 of the World's Strangest & Most Unusual Bodies of Water

From volcanic hot spots that literally look like hell to the most beautiful cascading paradise you can imagine, these 12 bodies of water are highly unusual.

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