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What is natural and what is man-made? Is there a line between the two? Ecosystems are subjectively defined and nature is one of the most difficult subjects to pin down, yet it offers us incredible insights while ecosystems provide us with vital knowledge about how to live sustainably on the planet.

3D Landscape Photography: 23 Stunning Still Life Photos

Landscapes often spark an emotional response and inspire environmental protection instincts. Here are 23 stunning still life photos and stirring landscapes.

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Great White! 7 Albino Wonders of the Animal World

Albino animals can occur in almost any species from crabs to birds to whales. These 7 amazing albino animals definitely qualify as wonders, am I white?

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Recycled Mutants: The Weird, Wild Tire Art of Ji Yong Ho

Think that there's nothing uglier than an evil-smelling, dust-streaked pile of old car tires? You need the creative vision of Korean artist Ji Yon Ho - because shredded rubber can be beautiful, as these sculptures show.

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Nature Photography: 29 Rare & Exotic Animal Photographs

Nature dazzles us as we stare in wonder at spectacular wildlife found in this world. Here are 29 rare, exotic animal photos, from the bizarre to the beautiful.

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Blue Lobster

Altered Evolution: Strange Animal Deformities

Not all animals are created alike, as seen by animal deformities including creatures that plus/minus a couple of legs, tongues and other body parts.

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Rugged Adventures Through Exquisite National Parks

Here are 12 rugged and untamed, not overly crowded but not unknown either, unique National Parks for travelers to explore and to enjoy new adventures in nature.

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Glass Beach: Radical Example of Natural Recycling

Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California, used to be a dump - literally. Now it's one of the most unique and beautiful beaches on the planet.

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Naturally Social: Cool Ways Animals Communicate

From the dialects of the prairie dog to the inaudible rumbles of elephants, animal communication serves many practical purposes, all the while amazing.

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7 Geological Wonders from the World's 7 Continents

Mother Earth has had 5 billion years to sculpt herself into splendor, so let's trip across the 7 continents to find our planet's coolest natural wonders.

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Nature's Exotic Athletes: 12 Strange Animal Sports

Plenty of college and pro sports teams are named after animals, so how are animals as athletes? You'll be pleasantly surprised by these strange animal sports.

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20 Extreme Adventures For Spelunkers and Cavers

Underneath your feet, deep in the Earth, the planet's final frontier awaits the most adventurous souls. Here are 20 extreme adventures for spelunkers and cavers.

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Voracious Vegetation: Massive Meat-Eating Plants Discovered

Who says you can't invent a better mousetrap? This gigantic pitcher plant, discovered in the Philippines, is large enough to kill rats in its lethal leaf trap.

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10 (More!) Eccentric Genetically Modified Fruits & Veggies

Scientists, agronomists and geneticists are taking the next step in food modification: improving our food from the inside out. Here are 10 more of the most intriguing GM fruits & vegetables ever to drop off the vine.

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Nature's Wild Nurses: 5 Caring Animal Species

When it comes to lending a helping hand, some surprising animals truly go above and beyond, not only for family but even humans and potential enemies.

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Incredible Freeze-Frame Night Lightning Photography

It takes a lot to catch lightning storms at just the right moment on camera to capture this impressive natural phenomena

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