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What is natural and what is man-made? Is there a line between the two? Ecosystems are subjectively defined and nature is one of the most difficult subjects to pin down, yet it offers us incredible insights while ecosystems provide us with vital knowledge about how to live sustainably on the planet.

Petri Dish Portraits: Eco-Art That Will Literally Grow On You!

For a colorful canvas that rivals anything the masters have ever dared to use, pleasing artistic arrangements can be created with bacterial inspiration.

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Ghost Towns: Places Abandoned Due To Disasters (PICS)

Disaster comes in differing bleak shades and deadly flavors, such as environmental, economic, and natural. These ghost towns were abandoned due to disasters.

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Emerald Kitty: 10 Amazing Green Animals

For these 10 amazing animals, "going green" is more than just a trendy phrase... it's a lifestyle!

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Critical Condition: 12 Very Rare and Endangered Animals

The Cuban crocodile, Florida bonneted bat, Grenada dove and green-eyed frog are just some animals on a recent list of critically endangered animals.

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Seed Bomb Vending Machines Sowing Covert Green Thumbs

Answering the call of your guerrilla gardening green thumb just got easier with convenient vending machines that dispense pre-made seed bombs.

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Play Tarzan & Jane? 12 Exotic Treehouse Eco-Vacations [PICS]

Whether you want to take it easy on the environment or want to play Tarzan and Jane, step off the grid and climb a tree. Here are 12 exotic treehouse eco-vacations.

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Grape Friends: 10 Amazing Purple Animals

Purple animals - their rich hue is as beautiful as it is rare. Color them lavender, mauve or violet, purple animals add a distinctive tone to nature's palette.

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Animal Native Tongues: Decoding 5 Cool Languages

For giggling hyenas, growling dogs, squeaking catfish, singing woolly bats and beeping honeybees, certain sounds are rich in complex communication and meaning.

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Puddle Jumping Welcome: Stunning Stormwater Park Concept

Public spaces are rarely as functional as in this concept. These spaces would function as recreational centers when dry...and when filled with storm water.

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Bugging Out: 7 Amazing Extreme Insect Close-Ups

Most people are sleeping at 3 am, but one brave photographer is out stalking insects to catch amazing portraits of these jeweled forest wonders.

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Azure As The Sun Shines: 10 Amazing Blue Animals

Do animals get the blues? I azure you they do! These 10 cool creatures have chosen the blue end of the spectrum as their way to be made in the shade.

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Feed 'Em: Animal Diet Secrets, Guilty Pleasures and Hunting Tricks

Ensuring steady food sources is key for survival in the animal kingdom, requiring animals like songbirds, baboons and even sharks to be a little creative.

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Animal Detectives: Feline Forensics and Intuitive Insects

Bomb-sniffing dogs aren't the only animal detectives, with cats and wasps having a surprising influence in the world of crime solving and law enforcement.

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Bizarre BFFs: Unlikely But Awwwsome Animal Friends [PICS]

Unlikely yet too cute animal BFFs look beyond immense differences for loving acceptance. Adorable interspecies friendships make us wonder, Can’t we all get along?

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Green Your Mind: South Korea's Ecosystem Research Utopia

South Korea's planned Ecorium Project consists of huge greenhouses, beautiful nature preserves, and high-tech research and education facilities.

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