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What is natural and what is man-made? Is there a line between the two? Ecosystems are subjectively defined and nature is one of the most difficult subjects to pin down, yet it offers us incredible insights while ecosystems provide us with vital knowledge about how to live sustainably on the planet.

Worshiping Nature: Breathtaking Seed Cathedral in Shanghai

The 2010 World Expo in Shanghai is filled with wonders, but the UK Pavilion, known as the Seed Cathedral, is arguably the most awe-inspiring of them all.

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Housing On The Wing: 10 Bitingly Bizarre Bat Houses

These 10 bizarre bat houses may look somewhat creepy to us but to our furry flying friends, they're home sweet home.

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Captivating Creatures: 12 Spectacular New Species

A long-nosed frog, a bug-eating sea slug and a bioluminescent worm that drops glowing bombs are among 12 amazing recently discovered species.

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Jaws 7: Amazing New Shark Tales and Discoveries

Kings of the sea, sharks continually scare yet surprise, with recent discoveries uncovering shark ESP, camouflage sharks and even shark attack probabilities.

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Make it Rain: Precipitation Producing Water Tower

Water towers can't often be called beautiful or thought of as gathering places. This amazing water tower design, however, is both of those and more.

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Slip Slidin' Away: 10 Fallen Natural Rock Formations

Rock formations have been laid down and eroded away time and time again over the past 4.5 billion years - even the Earth suffers from fallen arches.

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Backwards Vending: Machine Pays For Recyclables

This vending machine is exactly the opposite of what you'd expect: instead of inserting money and getting a drink, you insert bottles and get points for prizes.

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Eerie Underwater Graves & Diving For Submerged Skeletons

Graves at the bottom of the ocean or other bodies of water are nearly impossible to visit. Here we dive for eerie underwater graves to view submerged skeletons.

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Clearly Beautiful: 10 Amazing Transparent Animals

Being transparent doesn't mean these animals have nothing to hide. On the contrary, their lack of pigment provides many benefits - even if you can't see them.

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Human-Like: 5 Animal Behaviors That Parallel People

When it comes to intelligence, memory, discipline, pain and grieving, animals like guinea pigs, horses, chimps, bonobos and mice are more human than we realize.

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Eco-Graffiti: 10 Guerilla Garden-Inspired Artists That Respect Mother Nature

Make a statement about the environment and society without harming a hair on Mother Nature’s head. With eco-graffiti, you can express yourself without breaking the law!

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Kickin' Ash: 10 Amazing Active Volcanoes

Around the world at any given moment, dozens of volcanoes are smoking, shaking and stirring up their neighborhoods. Here are 10 of the most active.

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The Secrets behind 5 Super Animal Protection Mechanisms

The secret is out on copepods, frogs, spitting cobras, elephants and many underwater sea creatures that utilize astounding self-defense mechanisms.

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26 Captivating Landscape & Nature Photography Wallpapers

The beauty of nature helps inspire us to take care of our planet. If you don't have the funds to travel, enjoy these 26 stunning landscape and nature photography wallpapers.

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Jeepers Creepers! 10 Insanely Original Insect-Inspired Artists

Itching for something that will REALLY catch your eye at the museum? These artists know how to chill & thrill onlookers w/their unique recycled bug creations!

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