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What is natural and what is man-made? Is there a line between the two? Ecosystems are subjectively defined and nature is one of the most difficult subjects to pin down, yet it offers us incredible insights while ecosystems provide us with vital knowledge about how to live sustainably on the planet.

Warts & All: The World's 7 Most Amazing Toads

Spring has sprung and a host of creatures great and small are emerging from winter hibernation... not the least of which are the world's most amazing toads!

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Cellular Creature Carpets: 8 Amazing Microbial Mats

Microbial mats composed of bacteria, algae or other micro-organisms make these otherwise minuscule creatures visible – often brilliantly – to the naked eye.

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Rainforest Guardian: Skyscraper Protects Amazon from Fire

These towers envisioned for the Amazon rainforest would capture and store water for droughts and forest fires, and serve as weather monitoring stations.

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Animal Bridges: 15 Life-Saving Wildlife Crossings

These 15 animal bridges over major highways provide safe crossings for wildlife, preventing fatal crashes and ensuring healthy habitats.

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Life Finds A Way: Fukushima's Feral Pets & Livestock

Pets, livestock and other animals abandoned near Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant three years ago seem to be thriving today, but do appearances deceive?

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Hi High Blackbirds: The World's 7 Most Amazing Crows

Who ya gonna caw? These 7 amazing birds of the genus Corvus boast astonishing adaptability, distinct voices and impressive intelligence to boot!

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Yellow Fever Reliever: 7 Blight-Resistant Bananas

With Cavendish bananas threatened by a devastating fungus, fruit-lovers with “yellow fever” can peel one of these 7 tasty blight-resistant bananas instead.

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17 Horrifying Aerial Photos of Environmental Devastation

These aerial photographs give us a disturbing large-scale view of major environmental catastrophes like oil spills and the effects of factory farming.

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Freezing Pleasing: 7 Amazing Types Of Natural Ice

Ice ice baby! Though “Vanilla” isn't a natural form (or flavor) of ice, many other kinds of slippery frozen water are way cooler and much less annoying.

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Antler Management: 7 Amazing Reindeer Subspecies

From pulling Santa's sleigh to providing sustenance to a host of tundra-dwelling humans and animals, these 7 reindeer subspecies need to be seen and herd.

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11 Lazarus Species We Thought Were Extinct

Bring 'em back alive! That's exactly what some zoologists are doing when they re-discover living populations of species previously thought to be extinct.

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Could Synthetic Organisms Save Nature from Mass Extinction?

An artist envisions synthetic biological organisms that could fill in the gaps left behind in ecosystems as we move into the sixth great extinction event.

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Faded Genes: The 7 Most Primitive Living Mammals

Mammals may be Earth's most highly evolved animals but not all mammals are all that highly evolved. Some, like the 7 featured below, are downright primitive.

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Quack Addiction: The World's 7 Most Amazing Ducks

Ducks have evolved a specialized set of physical attributes allowing them to become some of nature's most efficient waterfowl. So, what's the bill for all that?

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Really Green Vehicles: 7 Amazing Parked Zombie Cars

Does your car exude O2 instead of CO2? Is it more forested than a Subaru Forester? You just might be the owner of one of these 7 amazing overgrown parked cars!

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