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Going green starts at home, and gardening can be a great way to be a bit more sustainable, help the environment but also grow your own beautiful flowers or fresh vegetables. From guerrilla gardening to great plant stories and planting tips and tricks, here are some ways to make your home a more amazing and eco-friendly place.

Holiday Hack: Marvelous & Massive Megawatt Displays

Before whipping out the Bah Humbug, stop to smell the gingerbread roses and in childlike wonder watch some the best megawatt holiday displays in America.

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ReBurbia: Designers Take on Rethinking Suburbia

These days people are moving out of the suburbs and back into the cities. So what happens to suburbia? These designers have some environmentally friendly ideas.

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Literal Tree Houses: Amazing Homes Built with Whole Trees

There's something primitive about the sophisticated homes designed by Whole Trees Architecture: they use whole, young-growth trees in amazing, beautiful ways.

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Nature’s Assassins: Pretty but Deadly Plants

From a tree that can make you go blind to pretty flowers that can make you keel over in minutes, these plants are not as innocent as they seem.

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Future In A Flat Spin: Horizontal Wind Turbines

No matter how majestic wind turbines seem, they're as incongruous as a lampost in a field of corn. So why don't we just turn them 90 degrees and design our homes a little differently?

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Vertical Vegetation: Living Walls, Moss Graffiti & More

Live plants bring aesthetic and practical benefits to vertical surfaces in the form of vertical gardens, moss graffiti, vine curtains and living walls.

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The Light Funtastic: Four Ways For LEDs To Shape Up

Are we making the most of the creative possibilies of LEDs? Take these four ways of making our lighting wacky yet practical, fun yet functional - and ask yourself, do we really need 'bulb-shaped' bulbs?

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15 Hearty, Affordable Vegan Recipes Featuring Autumn Foods

Autumn is when we start craving heartier, bone-warming foods. These 15 vegan recipes are perfect for cooler days and nights, and they're cruelty-free to boot.

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Sustainable Housing and Recreation Space of the Future

Futuristic designs for eco-friendly urban housing and green space often blur the lines between the two, making efficient use of limited space in the city.

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Design Gets Tired: 6 Stylish Ways to Recycle Rubber

Tire recycling is on a roll, as shown by these six gorgeous products that add quirky style to our homes.

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10 (More!) Eccentric Genetically Modified Fruits & Veggies

Scientists, agronomists and geneticists are taking the next step in food modification: improving our food from the inside out. Here are 10 more of the most intriguing GM fruits & vegetables ever to drop off the vine.

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Stylish & Green: 12 Modern Sustainable Home Designs

Sustainability and modern style go hand in hand in these 12 amazing green home designs, from a spinning dome home to a solar prefab home.

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Camouflage 'Sick' Plant Pretends to Be Ill

Camouflage is not just for animals, plants do it too - but this is a unique new natural phenomena just discovered: a plant pretending to be sick and under attack.

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20 Green Gadgets For Your Green Thumb

Green is glorious. It’s even better when you can utilize “green” gadgets and your green thumb. Here are 20 wild and sometimes weird gadgets for the plant enthusiast.

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10 Simple Ways To Go Green

Being 'green' isn't about being a consumer, and trying to be more environmentally aware doesn't have to cost a cent.

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