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Going green starts at home, and gardening can be a great way to be a bit more sustainable, help the environment but also grow your own beautiful flowers or fresh vegetables. From guerrilla gardening to great plant stories and planting tips and tricks, here are some ways to make your home a more amazing and eco-friendly place.

Green Giants: 13 Huge Eco-Friendly Urban Design Projects

These 13 towering eco-friendly architecture projects fit as much function into urban space as possible, from vertical farms to suburban living to the city.

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Seed Bomb Vending Machines Sowing Covert Green Thumbs

Answering the call of your guerrilla gardening green thumb just got easier with convenient vending machines that dispense pre-made seed bombs.

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Architecture of a Recession: Abandoned Developments

The homebuilding business is always particularly hard-hit by an economic downturn. These developments were abandoned to return to nature when the money ran out.

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Art of Upcycling: 18 DIY Wood Pallet Reuse Project Ideas

With 18 diverse project ideas to choose from, transforming humble wooden shipping pallets into eye-catching garden, decor and household superstars is a cinch!

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Egg-Shaped Architecture & Art From Amazing To Bizarre

From amazing decorated eggs to strange structures, here is a bizarre collection of oval-like designs in architecture and art.

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10 Surprising Reclaimed & Recycled Building Materials

Old airplanes, shipping containers, silos and beer bottles are just a few of the surprising reclaimed and recycled materials that can be used in green building.

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14 Offbeat Green Cleaning & Personal Care Recipes

Some of those bizarre-sounding recipes for cleaning and personal care - like cleaning copper with ketchup - really do work.

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Clever Concealment: Wood Facade Makes Modern Log Cabin

Modern buildings in natural settings often look out of place. But this "log" cabin uses attractive camouflage to mask its true nature and help it blend in.

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Good Things in Small Boxes: Urban Garden, Tiny Footprint

Want to grow your own vegetable garden but don't have yard space to spare? The Urban Garden gives you room for 54 plants in a 12 square foot space.

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Cob, Earthbags & 5 More DIY Natural Building Techniques

Build your own beautiful green home on the cheap with natural, eco-friendly materials like cob, rammed earth and straw bales.

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Inner City Snails: Graffiti Humanizes The Urban Mollusc

"Inner City Snail", a unique concept by creative master Slinkachu, uses non-toxic paint to turn sluggish molluscs into miniature masterpieces of urban art.

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15 Fantastically Futuristic Plant Growing Design Concepts

Not all of use own land for farming, but even urban dwellers can grow gardens and plants. Here are 15 fantastically futuristic plant growing design concepts.

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31 Aquariums From Wow to WTF [Pics]

These are 31 fish habitats found around that world. Some are works of wonder. Some others are more like WTF were they thinking when they designed that aquarium?

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Futuristic Eco-Kitchen Makes for Cleaner, Greener Meals

Will kitchens of the future look like this? With waste reduction tools and energy-efficient appliances built in, the Ekokook could change the way we do food.

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Plastic, Fantastic: Hand-Built Ecological Bottle House

For most of us, reducing and recycling are the easiest parts of the 3 Rs. But a family in Argentina is reminding the world that reusing is just as important.

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