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Going green starts at home, and gardening can be a great way to be a bit more sustainable, help the environment but also grow your own beautiful flowers or fresh vegetables. From guerrilla gardening to great plant stories and planting tips and tricks, here are some ways to make your home a more amazing and eco-friendly place.

6 Unusual Plants And Monstrous Blooms

Need a boost to your passion for nature? Here are some unusual and rare plants that will definitely pique your interest.

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Suburb in the City: Unique Skyscraper Provides Urban Green

Apartment dwellers usually have to live without their very own green spaces.This building would provide personal outdoor yards for every resident.

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Green City Rehab: 12 Eco Urban Makeover Concepts

How do we transform the car-clogged, fossil-fuel-chugging cities of the world into sustainable urban centers? These 12 novel ideas might help.

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Leaf Beyond Belief: 11 Tree-mendous Examples Of Topiary Art

These 11 tree-mendous topiaries may look “bush league” but you'd better be-leaf creating them takes mad botanical skills rooted in a love for landscape art.

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Guerilla Green Graffiti: Mossy Urban Art Brings Nature Home

The closest most graffiti taggers get to being green is using spray paint without CFC's, but some green graffiti artists are taking their art to a new level.

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Berry Nice! 12 Amazing, Odd & Unusual Fruits

Fruits are available in many more varieties than ever before, some of them decidedly odd. Are you up for strange fruit? Here are a dozen, ripe for the picking.

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It's Alive! 13 Examples of Green Growing Furniture

From mushrooms growing on benches to moss bath mats and even live crystals on chairs, these 13 furniture designs are unusually vivacious.

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Recycling Renegade: Guns Melted for Tree-Planting Shovels

Guns are the ultimate symbol of street violence, but this artist is turning them into something beautiful: shovels that will be used to plant trees worldwide.

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Hobbiton Revisited: Hobbit Homes Are Now Sheep Shelters

Once the Lord of the Rings movies were in the can, the picturesque Hobbiton village was transformed into a new type of settlement: a sheep farm.

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Animal Architecture: 14 (More!) Modern Homes for Pets

Egg-shaped chicken coops, Bauhaus-inspired dog houses, IKEA hack hamster cages and 11 more modern homes for pets of all species and sizes.

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Hobbit Houses: 15 Grassy Hill-Shaped Dwellings

From backyard sheds in Britain to motels in New Zealand, hobbit-inspired green-roofed underground houses the world over pay tribute to Tolkien.

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Living Buildings: The World's Most Sustainable Structures

Could these buildings be the greenest in the world? A private home, a learning center & a center for sustainable living achieve Living Building Certification.

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12 Top Sources for DIY Design Plans, Ideas & Inspiration

Whether you're looking for ideas for holiday decor or need plans to build your own closet shelving system, these 12 websites deliver tips & inspiration.

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20 Crazy, Creative & Amazing Green Roofs

Green roofs aren't just for standard buildings - they're sprouting up on dog houses, bus shelters, cars, and even people's heads.

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Mobile Cities: 11 Visionary Habitats Roaming Future Earth

In the future, will cities be portable, roaming across the terrain or hovering in the sky? These 11 mobile urban concepts challenge the stationary status-quo.

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