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Going green starts at home, and gardening can be a great way to be a bit more sustainable, help the environment but also grow your own beautiful flowers or fresh vegetables. From guerrilla gardening to great plant stories and planting tips and tricks, here are some ways to make your home a more amazing and eco-friendly place.

17 Backyard Beaches, Natural Swimming Pools & More

These gorgeous chemical-free, environmentally friendly faux swimming ponds will get you dreaming about designing one for your own backyard.

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Shorn Shine Day: 7 Amazing, Exotic & Unusual Wools

Wool: not just shorn from sheep anymore! These 7 amazing, exotic & unusual wools offer a wealth of advantages over traditional woven fleece.

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DIY Herbal Home: 12 Fresh-Smelling Recipes & Projects

Bring spring indoors with these 12 simple DIY projects for herbal household sprays, dryer sachets, room scents, carpet fresheners and more.

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Bright and Beautiful 7-Foot-Wide House in London

This house may be just seven feet wide, built into a narrow lane in London, but it's bright, comfortable and even has a rooftop garden.

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Tiny Floating House, Porch & Gardens in British Columbia

A forty-by-forty floating platform on British Columbia's Powell Lake supports an entire off-grid homestead including a cabin, gardens and a wood shed.

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13 Creative DIY Solutions for Raised Garden Beds

Make your own raised garden beds to beautify your yard and make gardening more convenient with pallets, bed frames, water troughs and woven willow branches.

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Dumbbells For Non-Dummies: 9 Next-Gen Free Weights

With exercise playing a larger role in today's healthy lifestyles, traditional metal free weights have had to change with the times or get dropped... ouch!

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Backyard Beekeeping: 12 Sweet Hive Designs

Ten modern, smart and fun beehive designs that help bring beekeeping from rural fields to suburban backyards and the inner city.

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Solar-Powered Self-Sustaining Home is Stylish, Too

This unusual concept for a self-sustaining, solar-powered home was inspired by the attention to detail given to consumer products like smartphones.

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The Simple Life: 14 Steps to an Urban Homestead

These 14 simple steps, from growing and canning some of your own food to cutting your power consumption, will lead to a simpler, more fulfilling life.

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Urban Farm Unit is a Greenhouse in a Shipping Container

The Urban Farm Unit adds a greenhouse to the top of an ordinary shipping container for a compact, portable, eco-friendly farm that can be placed almost anywhere.

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Grey to Green: Urban Paving Stones with Built-in Planters

Cities could become a little less grey, and a little more green with pops of color in these smart urban paving stones with built-in planters.

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12 Ways to Clean Your Home with Lemon and Baking Soda

Forget harsh chemicals - lemons and baking soda combine to create a powerful, natural, non-toxic whole-house cleaner.

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14 Off-Grid Projects to Cut Your Energy and Water Usage

Learn about 14 ways you can reduce your dependence on the grid, like collecting and purifying rainwater, building a root cellar and switching to compost toilets.

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Lush Illumination: 3 Planter-Lamp Combos

Illuminate your home and enjoy some indoor greenery at the same time with these three beautiful planter/lamp combo designs.

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