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Going green starts at home, and gardening can be a great way to be a bit more sustainable, help the environment but also grow your own beautiful flowers or fresh vegetables. From guerrilla gardening to great plant stories and planting tips and tricks, here are some ways to make your home a more amazing and eco-friendly place.

Train Station Rooftop Gardens: A New Kind of Food on the Go

Tokyo's train station rooftops have been reclaimed as community gardens where commuters can grow their own food in between train connections.

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Wipe Wash & Reuse: All About Butt-Beautiful Family Cloths

Dump the TP; save an old-growth tree! Using reusable “Family Cloths” instead of disposable toilet paper is the true test of domestic eco-friendliness.

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Living At One with Nature: Tree-Shaped Forest Houses

This sustainable, solar-powered tree-shaped home is elevated on a trunk-like pillar to take in views of the landscape.

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Organic Interiors: 15 More Inspirational Home Designs

Get inspiration for tranquil, nature-inspired home interiors with these beautiful design photos including branch decor, granite boulder tubs and moss carpets.

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Cabin Charm: 13 More Handsome Handmade Homes & Interiors

These gorgeous cabin designs range from rustic to modern, and many were built by the owners for as little as $10,000.

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Real Life Flintstones House: World's Biggest Piece of Pottery

The amazing 'Casa Terracotta' is the world's largest piece of pottery, a sculptural home made of locally sourced clay and baked in the sun.

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The World's 7 Most Amazing Bamboo Charcoal Products

Bamboo charcoal... is there nothing it can't do? Get black at home with these 7 amazing anti-microbial, odor-absorbing, eco-friendly bamboo charcoal products!

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Bamboo Architecture: 12 Stylish & Sustainable Structures

Bamboo is a beautiful, fast-growing, sustainable natural building material that can be used in a wide variety of architectural projects, like these 12 examples.

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Real Eco Friendly: The World's 7 Cutest Recycling Bins

By prompting smiles while encouraging respect for the environment, these 7 cute recycling bins help maintain cleaner & greener public places and spaces.

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Wheelhaus: Rolling Cabin Designs Offer Small-Scale Comfort

These cabins are portable, efficient and affordable, but beautifully designed, ranging around 400 square feet.

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Backyard Barnyard: 9 Nifty Urban Chicken Coops

Home, home on the range... free range, that is! If you're looking to raise chickens in an urban setting, these 9 nifty urban chicken coops are your best bets!

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Seven Souperb Thanksgiving Green Bean Casseroles!

What's the greenest thing about Thanksgiving? Assuming you cooked the turkey properly, it's that all-time souper-duper side dish, Green Bean Casserole!

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Water Cabinet: Get More Out Of Your Rain Barrel

This compact rain barrel and backyard gardening cabinet make it easy to collect and store rainwater in small spaces, and it even has a mini greenhouse.

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Garden Variety No More: 7 Amazing Unusual Rakes

Charting the rake's progress from garden tool to astronomical aid is not unlike a journey from our agricultural roots to a future scratched out of alien soil.

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DIY Beauty: 14 Natural Bath & Body Recipes

Learn how to make lots of your own delicious-smelling, chemical-free natural beauty products with these 14 easy DIY recipes.

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