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To understand the present we must consider the past. We all know this to be true, but in a society generating ever-more information it is more critical than ever to look back and consider what brought us to this point – from how technology has evolved to how the green movement has taken its place in history.

Human Horns: A Dilemma For Some, A Delight For Others

"Human Horns" are more than just the theme of a Futurama episode, they're a recognized physical phenomenon that's not as uncommon as one might think.

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Sick Slicks: Counting Down The 13 Worst Oil Spills

Counting down the past half-century's worst 13 oil spills on land and sea reveals a stunning succession of sick slicks with the sad promise of more to come.

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Architecture of a Recession: Abandoned Developments

The homebuilding business is always particularly hard-hit by an economic downturn. These developments were abandoned to return to nature when the money ran out.

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Chimp on the Barbie: 13 Disgusting Delicacies

Putrid shark flesh, maggoty cheese, baby mice wine, warthog anus - all of these and more are prized as delicious delicacies around the world.

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Fuels Paradise: THUMS Islands Help Big Oil Look Good

The THUMS islands, built off Long Beach back in the '60s, look like tropical paradises but they conceal a slippery secret more valuable than gold - BLACK gold!

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13 Fantastically Fun & Frightening Eco-Infographics

It's impossible to ignore the facts about rising sea levels, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and other environmental issues when they're this catchy & colorful.

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Object Graveyards: 10 More Curious Collections of Crap

Where to toilets, trailers, vending machines and other objects go when they're busted and unwanted? To disturbing and fascinating object cemeteries like these.

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Welcome to Hell: Sand Demons of Dante’s Inferno [49 Pics]

Think hot. Burning hot, flames of hell hot, and mix that with sand. Welcome to Hell and the sand demons of Dante's Inferno, a sand sculpture opera based on the Italian classic masterpiece.

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Sacred Space Stones: 6 Religiously Revered Meteorites

These six spectacular sacred stones from the stars illustrate the influence these astronomical visitors have had on humanity down through history.

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Living Fossils: 10 Plants & Animals With Staying Power

Relatively unchanged for millions of years, these very "living fossils" have each managed to find a successful ecological niche and have stuck with it.

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Stars of wonder: Top 23 Hubble Discoveries

The Hubble pierces the heart of outer space darkness, delighting us as our super eye in the sky. Here are 23 famous Hubble discoveries and NASA heavy hitters.

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Nice Try: 12 Outrageous Examples of Greenwashing

From an "eco-smart" company placing ads on a Hummer to McDonald's literally painting its logo green, these 15 examples of greenwashing are totally absurd.

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Elite Rock Climbing: Extreme Adventures From The Edge

Rock climbing can be a very dangerous, extreme sport. Elite climbers are tempted by the adventure and challenge from the rocky, ever-present edge of death.

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The World's Most Absurdly Oversized Food

From a 12,600-calorie gummi bear to a burger that weighs more than a grown man, here are 15 record-breaking food items of ridiculous proportions.

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Trashy Times: Where Do Recycled Gadgets Really Go?

If you thought your recycled electronics were always recycled safely and cleanly, think again. Many end up in toxic, unregulated dumps in developing countries.

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