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To understand the present we must consider the past. We all know this to be true, but in a society generating ever-more information it is more critical than ever to look back and consider what brought us to this point – from how technology has evolved to how the green movement has taken its place in history.

Water On Lens: Underwater Stage Filming and Photography

Here are 23 images taken from Pinewood Studios underwater movie shoots like The Da Vinci Code and Casino Royale, as well as some extra underwater stage filming photos.

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Sheer Drops of Scenic Beauty: 10 Most Amazing Cliffs

These ten amazing cliffs run the gamut from serene to staggering - sheer drops of cutting-edge scenic beauty that mark Mother Nature's geological glory.

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GoGoGajitz! Naturally Strange Science & Tech

Sensational scientific discoveries, great new gadgets and terrific (as well as terrifying) technologies past, present and future await at the all-new Gajitz

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5 Spectacular Paradigm-Shifting New Scientific Discoveries

New scientific discoveries, like recent findings on the evolution of dinosaurs, birds, bats and man, have the unique ability to alter and rewrite history.

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Gone, Wild! 7 Extinct Wonders of the Animal Kingdom

Of all the creatures whose species have gone extinct, a rare few were more bizarre than anything humanly imaginable. Here are 7 of the strangest.

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Massive Man-made and Natural Holes

Humongous holes can be found scattered across the globe, some geological phenomena and others made by man. Here are the most massive man-made and natural holes to be found on our planet.

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13 Awesome Stone Circles and Ancient Megaliths

Everyone knows Stonehenge, but who knew there is a whole world of other stone circles out there? Here are 13 of the most interesting stone circles in the world.

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Amazing Historic Public Garden: Dumbarton Oaks

Tucked away in the Georgetown district of Washington, D.C. is a 16-acre treasure, rich with history and botanical surprises, Dumbarton Oaks gardens.

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120 Amazing Crop Circles: Work of Devil, UFOs or Hoaxes?

While some crop circles can be explained, others remain a mystery. The crop circles that cannot be proven to be man-made often exhibit peculiar characteristics.

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10 of the World's Most Beautiful Ancient Cities

Not all cities have their roots in Antiquity; here are 10 of the world's most gorgeous ancient cities.

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Amazing structures reclaimed by the desert

The elements of one of the world's harshest climates can wreak havoc on anything man-made, even while providing the perfect climate for it to be preserved.

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Abandoned Religious Buildings Reclaimed by Nature

Some historic structures, like Angkor Wat in Cambodia or the pyramids in Egypt, draw hundreds of thousands of tourists. Others have been reclaimed by nature.

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12 Great Escapes By Animals in Captivity

Films like Madagascar tell exciting stories of animals escaping from their captors, yet the characters' real-life counterparts still sit behind bars -- except these lucky few.

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Coolest Comets: Photographs and Information

After looking at meteors in a previous post, now we view comets and their place in our lives.

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Beautiful Shooting Stars and Heavenly Meteor Showers

We're reminded of the inherent beauty of celestial objects large or small, and that we may not always have the chance to view them as we do now.

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