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To understand the present we must consider the past. We all know this to be true, but in a society generating ever-more information it is more critical than ever to look back and consider what brought us to this point – from how technology has evolved to how the green movement has taken its place in history.

Grimsvotn: Iceland's Most Active Volcano Wakes With a Roar

Feeling Grimsvotn? Well cheer up, friends, Iceland's most active volcano is up to its old tricks again and this eruption promises to be one very cool spectacle!

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Cold, Bold & Old: 10 Monumental Volcanic Plugs

Even the most destructive volcano has a heart. Long extinct and eroded to the core, volcanic plugs are reminders of Earth's younger, hotter days.

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Lost Civilizations: 12 Societies that Vanished in Mystery

What happened to the Indus Valley civilization, the Minoans or the Olmec of Mexico? Alien abduction? Maybe not, but it's still a mystery.

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Food of the Golds: 10 Amazing Ways to Enjoy Eating Gold

People of good taste not only love gold, they love to taste gold – in and on their food & drink. Who knew putting carats on one's carrots could do a body good?

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Deep Cargo: An Ocean Of Lost Shipping Containers

Up to 10,000 shipping containers are lost at sea annually and while most sink out of sight, they and their strange & varied cargo are increasingly on our minds.

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Fictional Species: Tribute to the Surreal ‘Land Shark’

The incredibly rare and exceptionally dangerous Land Shark has been known to the scientific community since 1975. Every once in a while, it is caught on camera.

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Bark At The Moon: A History Of Soviet Space Dogs

Laika, who leaped into orbit back in 1957, was one of over 50 Soviet “dog stars” who helped set the stage for the great Space Race. This is their story.

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Gateway to Hell: The Harshest, Most Volatile Corner of Earth

Step into one of the most geologically active places on Earth to see incredible otherworldly sights you will never see anywhere else...on this planet, at least.

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Prehistoric Inspiration: California Desert Sculpture Safari

California's Anzo Borrega Desert houses an incredible prehistoric sculpture garden based on the area's rich natural history.

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That's No Moon... It's A Supermoon!

The March 19, 2011 extreme supermoon made moonlight extra bright, all night, and gave the world's photographers a great excuse to “shoot the moon."

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Our Fiend The Atom: INES Rates The Worst Nuclear Accidents

Idealistic dreams of a cheap, clean, atomic-powered future are fast fading to nightmares as the INES adds one more nuclear accident to its lethal list.

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Born Freezing: Meet Antarctica's First Citizen

Emilio Marcos Palma laughs at those claiming to be from the Deep South. Born at Argentina's Esperanza Base, Palma lays claim to be the first native Antarctican.

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Fission for Explanations: Gabon's Natural Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear power is a subject of hot debate in some circles, but 2 million years ago the planet was splitting Uranium atoms all on its own within the ground.

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Natural Glow: Australia's Amazing Bioluminescent Lake

In the Australian summer of 2008/09, a proliferation of a glowing organism turned one lake into an alien world featuring luminescent blue water.

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Fall of the Century: Stunning Pics of Dry Niagara Falls

For six incredible months in 1969, the American side of the powerful Niagara Falls was dammed up...and the water temporarily stopped flowing.

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