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To understand the present we must consider the past. We all know this to be true, but in a society generating ever-more information it is more critical than ever to look back and consider what brought us to this point – from how technology has evolved to how the green movement has taken its place in history.

Islands in the Seize: 8 Hotly Disputed Islands & Atolls

Claimed and coveted by neighboring nations, dozens of obscure and often uninhabited islands exist in a shifting geographic limbo defined by power politics.

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Keep Calm and Carrion: 8 Amazing Vultures

Hold your nose and clap your hands: In honor of International Vulture Awareness Day, WebEcoist proudly presents 8 of the world's most amazing vultures!

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Panda Bear Necessities: 8 Brash Bamboozling Pandas!

Our affection for Pandas goes beyond their cute black & white patterned coats and generally pacific personalities. Take these 8 eye-opening examples.

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Infographic & Images: The Earth's Oldest Trees

An infographic shows the astonishing ages of the world's oldest trees. Learn about four of them: Pando, Methuselah, Old Tjikko and The Senator.

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Crawl Space: The 7 Most Common Household Insects

If your web site has nothing to do with the internet, then your home may host some or even all of the 7 most common household insects presented here.

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Celebrity Creatures: 12 Over-The-Top Taxonomic Tributes

Welcome to “Name That Creature”, an adventure in pop culture where creative taxonomy knows virtually no limits and is bound by even fewer rules!

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Black Beauties: 10 Amazing Melanistic Animals

No, they're not pigments of your imagination, these melanistic animals are the polar opposites of albinos and display the “dark side” of genetic mutation.

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All Washed Up: 10 Bizarre Beached Creatures

Shore is strange... Beachcombers often can't believe their eyes (or noses) when encountering some of Neptune's more notable expelled exiles – can you?

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Whale Valley: Egypt's Evolutionary Showcase

The evolution of whales from land-based animals to the ocean's largest mammals is on display in the stunning Wadi Al-Hitan desert of Egypt.

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Earth Day Action: 13 Major Environmental Accomplishments

Earth Day's inception in 1970 set off a chain of environmental achievements over the past four decades including laws that limit pollution and protect wildlife.

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Walk Past: 8 Amazing Native American Trail Marker Trees

Trail Marker Trees are living cultural signposts, shaped and molded by ancient Native Americans to be navigational aids in a time before GPS, compasses or maps.

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Zoo Snooze: 12 Jaw-Dropping Animal Yawns

Tired of waking up tired? Your weary query is wasted on these 12 sleepy creatures who appear to be wide open to the prospect of a good night's rest.

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Spine Tingling: Meet Pikaia, Our Earliest Ancestor!

The earliest ancestor of all vertebrates (including us) appears to have been Pikaia Gracilens, a tiny, worm-like creature just 2 inches long.

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'Shrooms With a View: 10 Strange & Beautiful Mushrooms

Deadly or delicious, beautiful or bland, these 10 strange & beautiful mushrooms span the imagination while spanning the globe when it comes to location.

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Heart Ons: 10 Natural Aphrodisiacs That Really Work!

Valentine's Day is all about love, loving and feeding our (ahem) amorous appetites. Eat to win and the sweet thrill of victory can be yours to share!

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