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Our world is wide and wonderful place, filled with amazing geological formations and incredible remote locations. From some of the most remote private islands in the world to incredible green retreats right outside of our biggest cities, here are some of the most fascinating places on Earth to take a trip.

Play Tarzan & Jane? 12 Exotic Treehouse Eco-Vacations [PICS]

Whether you want to take it easy on the environment or want to play Tarzan and Jane, step off the grid and climb a tree. Here are 12 exotic treehouse eco-vacations.

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Chimp on the Barbie: 13 Disgusting Delicacies

Putrid shark flesh, maggoty cheese, baby mice wine, warthog anus - all of these and more are prized as delicious delicacies around the world.

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Egg-Shaped Architecture & Art From Amazing To Bizarre

From amazing decorated eggs to strange structures, here is a bizarre collection of oval-like designs in architecture and art.

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3, 2, 1 Fly! Extreme Thrills, Chills & Badass BASE Jumps

Thrillseekers take in views of nature at deadly high speeds. Sharing that sweet rush, filming as they fly, they bring us extreme thrills, chills, and BASE jumps.

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Superman's View of Island Paradises: 37 Amazing Aerial Pics

Have you ever wanted to retreat from the daily grind to an island paradise? From Superman's point of view, here are 37 gorgeous island paradises and amazing aerials.

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Object Graveyards: 10 More Curious Collections of Crap

Where to toilets, trailers, vending machines and other objects go when they're busted and unwanted? To disturbing and fascinating object cemeteries like these.

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23 Bizarre Animal-Shaped Rocks Sculpted By Nature

The world is full of bizarrely shaped boulders and other natural rock formations that we see as familiar objects. Here are 23 bizarre animal-shaped rock formations.

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Stone Of Arc: The Worlds 10 Most Amazing Natural Arches

Eons of action by wind and water have conspired to create an abundance of amazing stone arches but these same forces will, in time, sweep them all away.

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Welcome to Hell: Sand Demons of Dante’s Inferno [49 Pics]

Think hot. Burning hot, flames of hell hot, and mix that with sand. Welcome to Hell and the sand demons of Dante's Inferno, a sand sculpture opera based on the Italian classic masterpiece.

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Nature of Design: Amazing Art Seen From Above

These incredible natural landscape formations and man-made designs resembling faces and figures are made to be seen from airplanes or Google Earth.

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Kick Back & Relax: 26 Soothing Water on the Rocks Photos

Nature is amazing with the emotions she can invoke, from excitement to relaxation. So kick back and relax with these 26 soothing water on the rocks photos.

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Heavy Hitters: Earth's Most Amazing Meteor Craters

Produced by one-way visits from distant space and time, these 10 meteor craters bear witness to violent events that greatly impacted our planet - literally!

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Green Goes Gigantic: Huge Public Gardens & Eco-Museums

The world's largest public gardens, greenhouses, zoos and natural history museums offer plenty of space to stretch out and learn about nature.

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Get Outta Town! 10 Super Helpful Eco-Travel Links

Now is the time to start planning for spring and summer vacations. These eco-travel links will help you travel a little lighter on the earth this year.

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Amazing Eco-Walkway Bridges Gap Between City and Nature

Somewhere between Singapore's commercial center and the coast lies a thrilling 120-foot tall walkway through the treetops. It's a treaty between man and nature.

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