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Our world is wide and wonderful place, filled with amazing geological formations and incredible remote locations. From some of the most remote private islands in the world to incredible green retreats right outside of our biggest cities, here are some of the most fascinating places on Earth to take a trip.

Lost & Cast Away: Ten Amazing Uninhabited Islands

Scattered like verdant pearls from sea to shining sea, these ten amazing uninhabited islands offer a glimpse of primeval Eden far from the madding crowd.

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That Sinking Feeling: The Top 10 Drained Lakes

This look at 10 drained lakes of the past and present shows what happens when Mother Nature - or the errant hand of Man - decides to pull the plug.

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Hail And Hailstones: A Cold Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

Bob Dylan wasn't referencing hail when he wrote "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" but truth be told, hail is as hard as rain can get.

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12 (More) Volatile Volcanoes That Are Ready to Blow

All around the world, there are potentially deadly volcanoes that have lain dormant for far too long. These 12 are showing signs that they could erupt soon.

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9 More Most Extreme Places on the Planet

This renewed look at our exceptional planet uncovers nine more extreme locations that rate their own place in the sun... rain, wind, snow, etcetera.

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World's Trashiest Hotel: Rome Hotel Made of Beach Garbage

Think that fleabag motel you stayed in was trashy? It was nothing compared to this hotel, which was made entirely of garbage found on the beach.

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Worshiping Nature: Breathtaking Seed Cathedral in Shanghai

The 2010 World Expo in Shanghai is filled with wonders, but the UK Pavilion, known as the Seed Cathedral, is arguably the most awe-inspiring of them all.

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Slip Slidin' Away: 10 Fallen Natural Rock Formations

Rock formations have been laid down and eroded away time and time again over the past 4.5 billion years - even the Earth suffers from fallen arches.

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Amazing Living Art: 18 Giant Rice Murals [PICS]

Cooler than crop circles, the agricultural artistry is incredibly inventive which gives rise to marketing creativity. Here are 18 amazing and artistic rice murals.

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Kickin' Ash: 10 Amazing Active Volcanoes

Around the world at any given moment, dozens of volcanoes are smoking, shaking and stirring up their neighborhoods. Here are 10 of the most active.

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26 Captivating Landscape & Nature Photography Wallpapers

The beauty of nature helps inspire us to take care of our planet. If you don't have the funds to travel, enjoy these 26 stunning landscape and nature photography wallpapers.

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Offbeat Rolling Residences: Converted Cabins on Wheels

Forget the sterile white aesthetic of mass-produced RVs: these converted buses and trucks are true houses on wheels, complete with porches and wood stoves.

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Virtual Exploration: 14 Amazing Google Earth Finds

Did Google Earth find Atlantis? Maybe not - but it did help locate a new human ancestor, an illegal drug farm, a heart-shaped island and more.

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Underworld Exploration: Caving With Stephen Alvarez (PICS)

Caves hold secrets that took thousands of years to form. Cave photographer Stephen Alvarez captures and shares these unique environments in the uncharted underworld.

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Ghost Towns: Places Abandoned Due To Disasters (PICS)

Disaster comes in differing bleak shades and deadly flavors, such as environmental, economic, and natural. These ghost towns were abandoned due to disasters.

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