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Our world is wide and wonderful place, filled with amazing geological formations and incredible remote locations. From some of the most remote private islands in the world to incredible green retreats right outside of our biggest cities, here are some of the most fascinating places on Earth to take a trip.

The Earth as Art: 18 Stunning Satellite Images

Satellite imagery isn't captured solely for scientific purposes - these incredible images by EROS highlight the beauty of river deltas, mountains and fjords.

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Healing Mining Pits with Self-Sustaining Underground Skyscrapers

This proposal for the 2011 eVolo Skyscraper Competition envisions inverted skyscrapers packed with life to fill in the pits left behind by mining operations.

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Apt Adaptation: 10 Cool Converted Bookstores

The details definitely weren't lost in translation when these 10 bookstores were adapted from their former uses as churches, theaters, and even funeral homes.

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Breathtaking Views of Mexico's Hidden Underwater River

Far beneath the surface of the water in a cave on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula sits a magical secret: a spectacular river the flows even underwater.

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Bilbao Building Features Faceted Glass Facade

An unremarkable building becomes the center of attention on a Bilbao street thanks to an unusual energy-saving faceted glass facade.

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Stoned Souls: Bizarre Human-Shaped Rocks Sculpted By Nature

Pareidolia - seeing human features where they don't actually exist - raises its head when we observe bizarre human-shaped rocks like the examples depicted here.

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Architecture of Antarctica: 12 Strange Sub-Zero Structures

With their heavy metal exteriors and tall legs, these 12 Arctic and Antarctic structures look surreal and almost sci-fi against the white polar landscape.

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12 Historic Sites & Ancient Ruins in Danger of Disappearing

These 12 ancient ruins, archaeological digs and historic sites could be wiped off the face of the earth by climate change, war and other challenges.

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Vertical Zoo Houses Animals in Cliff-Like Skyscraper

Zoo animals are contained in a towering eco-habitat that includes nesting for migratory birds & open-air footpaths in this 'ECO-CLIFF' concept for Buenos Aires.

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Man-Made Mountains: 12 Terrain-Inspired Buildings

Call it geo-mimicry: these 12 buildings made to look like hills and mountains pay stunning tribute to the landscapes around them.

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Hobbit Houses: 15 Grassy Hill-Shaped Dwellings

From backyard sheds in Britain to motels in New Zealand, hobbit-inspired green-roofed underground houses the world over pay tribute to Tolkien.

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11 Unbuilt Visions for Stalled Urban Architecture Projects

Thousands of construction sites sit empty due to lack of funding, but what if designers and architects were given free reign to bring them back to life?

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From Reservoir Ruins to Stunning Urban Park in Sydney

Sydney's celebrated Paddington Reservoir Gardens is a unique amalgamation of modern architecture and crumbling ruins, crafted from a disused urban reservoir.

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Hard Woods: 10 Amazing Petrified Forests

Petrified forests: these beautifully colored remnants of long-vanished landscapes are important links to the world as it was many millions of years ago.

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Floating Cities: 15 Last-Hope Homes for a Watery World

If the world is overtaken by rising sea levels and we're forced to give up the land for cities on the sea, hopefully they'll be as stunning as these designs.

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