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Our world is wide and wonderful place, filled with amazing geological formations and incredible remote locations. From some of the most remote private islands in the world to incredible green retreats right outside of our biggest cities, here are some of the most fascinating places on Earth to take a trip.

25hours: Reclaimed Shipping Container Hotel in Hamburg

A Hamburg hotel features a reclaimed shipping container and a gritty dockside harbor theme with ship cabin-like rooms and a 'loading dock' in the lobby.

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New 7 Wonders of Nature: The 7 Winning Wonders!

The exciting New7Wonders campaign that ended on November 11th, 2011 raised awareness of the Earth's natural beauty and in that respect, everyone's a winner.

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New 7 Wonders of Nature: The 28 Semi-Finalists

The New7Wonders of Nature campaign has winnowed 440 prospects down to just 28 "Official Finalist Candidates" with voting scheduled to end on November 11, 2011.

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14 Unbelievably Unique Parks & Botanical Gardens

These 14 botanical gardens and parks, from Scotland to Costa Rica, represent some of the most beautiful mash-ups between wild nature and human cultivation.

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Earth from Above: Wild Aerial Photography Series

Thousands of stunning aerial photographs of the Earth in all its varied beauty have been made available to the public by photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

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Sky High: Stunning Observation Tower Shoots Upward

A beautifully designed nature observation tower in Latvia ascends 120 feet into the sky and features caged balconies from which to enjoy the view along the way.

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Impossible Pillars: Another Natural Wonder of the World

China's Zhangjiajie National Park features breathtaking geological formations - seemingly gravity-defying pillars that inspired the floating mountains in Avatar.

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Squeal Wheels Tour: The Top 10 Cutest Electric Cars

These 10 cute-as-can-be electric cars and electric car concepts add a fluffy dollop of squeal appeal to your sustainable, pollution-free driving experience.

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Converted Castles: 13 Preserved Palaces & Fortresses

Castles that might have otherwise fallen into ruin have been transformed into palatial hotels, universities, museums, apartments and even affordable hostels.

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Plastic Fantastic: Cracking Art Group Colors Our World

Cracking Art Group's ethically responsible approach to ambient art involves creating outsized animal assemblages expressed in colorful recycled plastic.

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Blowing Off Steam: The World's 10 Most Amazing Geysers

Geysers have entranced observers from time immemorial with their sudden appearances, explosive power and the ability to conjure up rainbows on a cloudless day.

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Steel Heals: Indonesians Choo-Choose Railway Therapy

Villagers in Rawa Buaya, Indonesia, believe if they lay down on the railway tracks, electrical energy carried within the steel rails will cure their ills.

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Ahead Of The Curve: Hudson Bay's Semicircular Nastapoka Arc

Hudson Bay's Nastapoka Arc may superficially resemble the many frozen lava “seas” of the moon but its actual origins are much more down to Earth.

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China's Sea Of Green Algae Has Beachgoers Seeing Red

Summer's arrived and China's green menace (a massive bloom of stringy, slimy, and smelly Enteromorpha Prolifera algae) has returned as well... we kudzu not!

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Jewel of Japan: Gorgeous Sand Dunes Like Japanese Desert

A desert - in the middle of Japan? Not quite, but the Tottori Sand Dunes are a spectacular sight and a hidden gem for anyone visiting the area.

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