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Going vegetarian, vegan or at least organic when it does come to meat does not have to mean giving up your favorite foods, tastes and recipes. Sometimes a tweak here or an extra ingredient there can make cooking a greener meal even more rewarding than the original – sustainability does not have to mean starvation.

14 Offbeat Green Cleaning & Personal Care Recipes

Some of those bizarre-sounding recipes for cleaning and personal care - like cleaning copper with ketchup - really do work.

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Futuristic Eco-Kitchen Makes for Cleaner, Greener Meals

Will kitchens of the future look like this? With waste reduction tools and energy-efficient appliances built in, the Ekokook could change the way we do food.

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55 Fantastic Health Benefits of Sex [NSFW]

Sex is oh so good for you. Ecosex is in. Au Naturale is the most earth-friendly packaging ever. Here are 55 fantastic health benefits and reasons to have lots of sex.

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Unseasonably Cold, Globally Warm Animal Dangers

Unseasonably cold weather and globally warm scenarios pose grave animal dangers to tropical fish, sea turtles, colobine monkeys, gorillas and other marine animals.

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Fungus Among Us: The Human Body’s Many Bugs

Our bodies contain more bacteria cells than human cells. They're in our mouths and guts, on our skin, and they can both help us and hurt us.

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How Green Were My Links: Fascinating Farming Stories

Farming and gardening are a big part of everyone's life. These 5 recent Treehugger articles keep you up to date on fascinating farming/gardening developments.

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Ouch! That Stings: 6 Intoxicating, Venomous Animal Findings

From past (venomous dinosaurs) to present (venomous jellyfish) to future (venom treatments), the evolution, dangers and benefits of venom continue to surprise.

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Do it Yourself: 28 Great Articles For a Greener Life

Making and doing things for yourself is a great start to living greener. These helpful links will help start you down the path to a more eco-friendly life.

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Amphibious Garden Produces Own Power, Cleans Rivers

The global shortage of safe water is a deepening problem. This project's goal is to purify Europe's largest rivers and provide education on water conservation.

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Holiday Food Coma? Top 5 Food + Nutrition Stories

The end of the year features some big indulgent holidays. With the new year almost upon us, take a moment to read up on these fascinating food-related stories.

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Eat Dirt: Consuming the Salt (& Pepper) of the Earth

Does soil have tastable qualities that affect the food that comes from it? Artist Laura Parker is proving a connection between food and the dirt it came from.

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Have a Cup of Cheer: 5 Classic Holiday Drink Recipes

Whether you're hosting a Christmas party spending a quiet holiday at home, these drink recipes will keep you warm and add some cheer to your celebrations.

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Growing Up: 3 DIY Vertical Gardening Solutions

Vertical gardening isn't just for urban planners mapping out environmentally-friendly cities. These three products let you have a vertical garden at home.

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The World's Most Absurdly Oversized Food

From a 12,600-calorie gummi bear to a burger that weighs more than a grown man, here are 15 record-breaking food items of ridiculous proportions.

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Cool Animal Research: 5 Weird Medical Breakthroughs

From using maggots to heal wounds to learning how dogs may predict diabetic attacks, the value of safe animal research is seen in recent medical breakthroughs.

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