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Going vegetarian, vegan or at least organic when it does come to meat does not have to mean giving up your favorite foods, tastes and recipes. Sometimes a tweak here or an extra ingredient there can make cooking a greener meal even more rewarding than the original – sustainability does not have to mean starvation.

Souper Duper! Asia's Artificial Bird's Nest Soup Shacks

Skyrocketing prices of edible nests used to make the Chinese delicacy Bird's Nest Soup have spawned a construction boom of artificial nesting barns.

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Berry Berry Big: The World's 10 Largest Fruits

Looking for a sweet treat that's hard to beat? The 10 jumbo fruits featured here aren't just meals in themselves, they're literally outstanding in their fields.

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Chew On This: 10 Strange & Unusual Meat Jerkies

Jerky makes a high-protein, low calorie snack and it can be made from almost any kind of meat... including these ten rather surprising ones.

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Water Colors: 10 Unnaturally Dyed Polluted Rivers

Tinted by toxins and flushed of fish, the startling hues of these 10 ravaged rivers are red cards against those who mismanage these precious resources.

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Flipping The Bird: 8 Turkey-Free Thanksgiving Treats

Easy there, pilgrim. These 8 turkey-free Thanksgiving treats (and I use the term loosely) make for some great gobbling at any meatless meet & greet.

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Veggie Comfort Food: 14 Filling, Warming Recipes

These 14 hot, hearty and filling vegetarian recipes for fall and winter are the ultimate in meat-free comfort food, from eggplant casserole to avocado chili.

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Crunch Time: The World's 10 Most Unusual Nuts

Nuts about nuts? This selection of 10 unusual nuts highlights the sweet yet occasionally distasteful relationship we have with these swell shelled feed seeds.

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How to Go Vegetarian: 12 Must-Have Pantry Essentials

Interested in going vegetarian or vegan for the first time, or just want to build a healthier pantry? Stock up on these 12 meat-free, dairy-free essentials.

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Steel Heals: Indonesians Choo-Choose Railway Therapy

Villagers in Rawa Buaya, Indonesia, believe if they lay down on the railway tracks, electrical energy carried within the steel rails will cure their ills.

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Eco-Friendly Eats: 13 of the World's Greenest Restaurants

From a traveling pop-up cafe made from a shipping container to a sushi joint serving only certified ethically-sourced seafood, these eateries are super-green.

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Mutt Mobility Device Keeps Fido Independent and Running

Rover feeling a little run down? Poor disabled pooches don't have to settle for bulky doggy wheelchairs - this sleek, flexible one keeps dogs running strong.

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Vegan Summer: 15 Delicious Dairy-Free Picnic Recipes

Pack a vegan picnic with spicy tempeh sushi rolls, blueberry-mint lemonade, mushroom pate, israeli couscous salad, coconut-lime custard pie and 9 more recipes.

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Greens on Wheels: Rolling Greenhouse Will Feed + Educate

A forthcoming project aims to turn an old diesel truck into a mobile greenhouse and education center that will bring gardening to the whole country.

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12 Seemingly Vegan & Vegetarian Foods That Really Aren't

Don't mindlessly munch on peanuts, chips or Hostess cakes; all of these seemingly vegan products and more are often full of gross animal-derived ingredients.

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Designer Drug Deals: Pills + Tablets Make Healthy Gems

After one California artist's fight with cancer, she decided to put her leftover medication to good use creating wonderful wearable works of art.

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