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Going vegetarian, vegan or at least organic when it does come to meat does not have to mean giving up your favorite foods, tastes and recipes. Sometimes a tweak here or an extra ingredient there can make cooking a greener meal even more rewarding than the original – sustainability does not have to mean starvation.

15 Delicious Camping Recipes for Outdoor Gourmands

Get some fresh ideas for delicious recipes cooked over campfires and grills that are just as hearty and flavorful as those cooked at home.

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Dumbbells For Non-Dummies: 9 Next-Gen Free Weights

With exercise playing a larger role in today's healthy lifestyles, traditional metal free weights have had to change with the times or get dropped... ouch!

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Detox Diet: 14 Smoothies & Salads to Boost Health

Shed both pounds and impurities with these 14 deliciously healthy nutrient-packed smoothie, salad, soup and juice recipes.

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Believe In Zero: The UNICEF TAP Project

The UNICEF Tap Project is a nationwide campaign that provides clean water and adequate sanitation to children around the world.

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Wild Winter Edibles: 10 Foods You Can Find Outside Now

Forage for these 10 wild foods that can be found in most areas during the winter for tea, soup, salad and more.

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Here's The Beef: 9 Tall Towering Fast Food Burgers

These 9 larger than life heaping hamburger helpings turn fast food into vast food while satisfying only those whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs.

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Cold Licks: The Top 10 Tongues Stuck To Frozen Poles

Fans of the 1983 holiday classic "The Christmas Story" know all too well that even if you're triple dog dared, do NOT touch your tongue to a frozen pole!

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Coffee, Tea or Meow? 10 Cat Cafes Around The World

For the past 15 years Cat Cafes the world over have been delighting fans of coffee and kittehs who enjoy taking a wee paws for stress-relieving refreshment.

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Oink Masters: The World's 7 Most Amazing Pig Farms

These 7 amazing pig farms offer alternatives that are better for the environment, for our sense of morality, and most of all for the pigs themselves.

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20 Supermarket Staples You Can Make At Home

Bread, tortillas, yogurt, granola, pie crust and almond milk are just a few of the food items you could be making at home for less money.

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Ravishing Radishes: Japan's Weird Humanoid Daikons

Japan's Daikon (or White Radish) is renowned for its mild flavor, large size, ease of cultivation and an odd propensity for taking on weird human forms.

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Modern Thanksgiving Menu: 15 Refreshing Recipes

Recipes for 15 Thanksgiving dishes that go beyond the ordinary and expected for healthier, fresher, fuller flavor.

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12 Vegetarian Alternatives to Traditionally Meaty Dishes

These 12 recipes will satisfy your craving for a hearty, filling meal, but do it without meat - even in stroganoff, chili, burgers and meat loaf.

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Drink The Rich: 10 Exotic & Quixotic Bottled Waters

From the “center of the Earth” to the roof of the world, bottled water marketers will go anywhere and everywhere to get the drop on their competition.

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