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Going vegetarian, vegan or at least organic when it does come to meat does not have to mean giving up your favorite foods, tastes and recipes. Sometimes a tweak here or an extra ingredient there can make cooking a greener meal even more rewarding than the original – sustainability does not have to mean starvation.

Juicing for Health: 12 Vitamin-Packed, Energizing Recipes

Get your vitamins from the source rather than from a bottle with these 12 tasty and extremely nutritious juice recipes.

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The World's 7 Most Amazing Bamboo Charcoal Products

Bamboo charcoal... is there nothing it can't do? Get black at home with these 7 amazing anti-microbial, odor-absorbing, eco-friendly bamboo charcoal products!

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Eating Green: 12 Totally Fresh Vegetable-Centric Meals

Get lots more fresh veggies into your diet with the help of these 12 drool-worthy meals packed with avocado, kale, tomatoes, butternut squash & more.

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Steal This Meal: 2013's Seven Grossest Food Thefts

As 2013 draws to a close, let's take a tasteful look at seven criminals who bit off MUCH more than they could chew. We're gonna need a bigger calorie counter.

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Pine Dining: 7 Amazing Evergreen Foods & Drinks

See the tree; EAT the tree! Yule Log Cake is a holiday treat but foods & drinks made from actual pine trees can be just as tasty and much more nutritious.

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Healthy Holidays: 12 Nutritious Twists on Classic Dishes

You can enjoy your favorite holiday dishes without worrying about packing on extra pounds with these 12 healthy recipes.

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Backyard Barnyard: 9 Nifty Urban Chicken Coops

Home, home on the range... free range, that is! If you're looking to raise chickens in an urban setting, these 9 nifty urban chicken coops are your best bets!

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Seven Souperb Thanksgiving Green Bean Casseroles!

What's the greenest thing about Thanksgiving? Assuming you cooked the turkey properly, it's that all-time souper-duper side dish, Green Bean Casserole!

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Faster Food: 8 Amazing Aids For On-The-Move Eaters

Fast food not fast enough? These 8 amazing aids for on-the-move eaters aim to add even more convenience to meals made to be dispensed, digested and disposed of.

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Meat-Free Crock Pot: 12 Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes

Crockpot recipes don't have to revolve around meat - these twelve meatless slow cooker recipes include pudding, cake, breakfast, dips, soups and more.

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Vegetarian Nightmares: 7 Gross Edible Wonders of the World

These bizarre delicacies from around the world don't waste any animal part - not even eyeballs, penises, skulls or sperm.

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DIY Beauty: 14 Natural Bath & Body Recipes

Learn how to make lots of your own delicious-smelling, chemical-free natural beauty products with these 14 easy DIY recipes.

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Major Kernels: 7 More Amazing Artistic Corn Mazes

Children of the Corn is scary but children love the corn and that's a fact! These amazing corn mazes show off American agricultural artistry to best advantage.

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13 Sources of Healthy Meatless Protein for Vegetarians

You don't have to eat meat to get more than enough protein for your daily needs. Here are 13 healthy vegetarian and vegan sources.

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Poisonberry: The 8 Most Contaminated Fruits & Veggies

Fruits and vegetables recommended for healthy diets might not be all they're cracked up to be due to the plethora of pesticides used to grow these foods.

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