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Energy, power, fuel – these are the things that have driven society since before the Industrial Revolution. Whether or not we like it, the economics and politics of physical power (often not so green) influence us daily and trends in its use, means of production and cost of distribution all play a critical role in our history and future on this planet.

Future In A Flat Spin: Horizontal Wind Turbines

No matter how majestic wind turbines seem, they're as incongruous as a lampost in a field of corn. So why don't we just turn them 90 degrees and design our homes a little differently?

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The Light Funtastic: Four Ways For LEDs To Shape Up

Are we making the most of the creative possibilies of LEDs? Take these four ways of making our lighting wacky yet practical, fun yet functional - and ask yourself, do we really need 'bulb-shaped' bulbs?

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Bright Bodywork: 3 Vehicles That Soak Up The Sun

Solar panels still need a huge surface area - so, no good for our favorite modes of personal transportation? These 3 vehicle designs disagree.

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GoGoGajitz! Naturally Strange Science & Tech

Sensational scientific discoveries, great new gadgets and terrific (as well as terrifying) technologies past, present and future await at the all-new Gajitz

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Upcycled Art: Paper Bags Return to Their (Tree) Roots

The paper bags we get our fast food in are usually seen as trash. But at least one artist is taking them back to their roots and giving them new lives as trees.

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Easy DIY Home Energy: 4 Ways to Plant a Solar Tree

Four types of solar tree, from concept to reality, turning solar paneling into works of Art.

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Driving Force: Harvesting Kinetic Energy From Passing Cars

A UK supermarket chain is using cars to power their checkouts. Sainsbury's has installed kinetic energy plates to harness the power of passing cars.

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Airships: Time For More Than Hot Air?

Isn't it about time airships took off in a big way? Why not rise above all of that with the oldest invention in the history of aviation?

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Public Rental Bikes Generate Free Eco-Friendly Alternative Energy

Power from bicycles is not an entirely new energy idea but this highly creative public use could take the technology to the next level as people rent them.

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Nuclear Fusion Reactor: Real-Life Prototype Design

This design may break down the ultimate energy barrier by accessing what may be the most cheap, easy and abundant source of fuel the world has ever seen.

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10 Simple Ways To Go Green

Being 'green' isn't about being a consumer, and trying to be more environmentally aware doesn't have to cost a cent.

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The World's Most Important Rivers

Rivers are still important transportation routes in places where roads and rails cannot go. They are also a source of energy and drinking water.

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10 Best Summer Music Festivals to Get Your Eco On

Several large summer music festivals are pushing the envelope in terms of environmental and sustainability initiatives.

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15 Cars that Let You Afford to Go Green Today, Not Tomorrow.

A big misconception is that not everyone can afford to go green. These 15 cars can help you save both the environment and your wallet.

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10 Iconic Geothermal Hot Spring Designs

Before the days of jetted tubs, spas, and heated pools, the only real place to soak in hot water not in your bath tub was to visit a geothermal hot spring.

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