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Energy, power, fuel – these are the things that have driven society since before the Industrial Revolution. Whether or not we like it, the economics and politics of physical power (often not so green) influence us daily and trends in its use, means of production and cost of distribution all play a critical role in our history and future on this planet.

Sun + Shade = Stunningly Stylish Public Solar Arrays

These smart shades feature modular solar panels that let summer-loving adventurers enjoy the shade while reaping the benefits of the sun all at once.

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Verdant Vending: Exceptionally Eco-Friendly Outdoor Kiosk

Street vendors have a greener future to look forward to. The EcoKiosk was designed to make their stalls cleaner, greener and more appealing all-around.

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Vertical Parking Lots: Brilliant Urban Bike Hanger System

Sick of hunting for a space to park your bike? This brilliant concept utilizes unused vertical urban areas (and some people power) to create plenty of parking.

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Power Juicing: 2 Ads Using Oranges to Light the Way

Both of these ads use the power of fruit batteries to remind us of the natural fuel that fruits (and other whole foods) provide our bodies.

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Go With the Flow: Eco-Friendly Wind-Powered Street Lights

This design for street lights in remote locations would use the power of the wind, along with the strength of bamboo, to light the way on dark beaches.

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Our Fiend The Atom: INES Rates The Worst Nuclear Accidents

Idealistic dreams of a cheap, clean, atomic-powered future are fast fading to nightmares as the INES adds one more nuclear accident to its lethal list.

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World's Smallest Solar Theater Shines Light on Environment

This tiny caravan is half a century old, but it is helping to spread a thoroughly modern message about alternative energy and environmental stewardship.

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Eco-Bridge Over Troubled Times: Green Design Drives Concept

Earth-friendly design and clean energy drive this concept for an innovative bridge in Italy which may be able to provide clean power for up to 15,000 homes.

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Sol Mates: Bike Path Makes Clean Energy From Flat Surfaces

Streets and bike paths criss-cross the world, but what if they could do double duty? By putting solar cells into our roads, we could create cheap clean energy.

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Fission for Explanations: Gabon's Natural Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear power is a subject of hot debate in some circles, but 2 million years ago the planet was splitting Uranium atoms all on its own within the ground.

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Booming Industry: GM Recycling Oil Booms in Chevy Volt Parts

All of those used oil booms from the BP disaster have to go somewhere. GM is recycling them into parts for their new hybrid vehicle, the Volt.

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Bilbao Building Features Faceted Glass Facade

An unremarkable building becomes the center of attention on a Bilbao street thanks to an unusual energy-saving faceted glass facade.

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Fan-Tastic! 10 Cool Colorful Wind Turbine Designs

These 10 cool colorful wind turbines artfully illustrate how adding a little color to wind farms could attract "fans", repel bugs, and save bats & birds.

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Hot Air Balloons that Soar Above the Rest

A variety of hot air balloons have graced balloon festivals around the globe. Here are some of the best of the best:

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Green Light! Algae-Powered Lamp Needs TLC to Provide Light

This conceptual lamp provides light to an owner's home through the awesome natural power of photosynthesis...but it requires some care before it illuminates.

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