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Energy, power, fuel – these are the things that have driven society since before the Industrial Revolution. Whether or not we like it, the economics and politics of physical power (often not so green) influence us daily and trends in its use, means of production and cost of distribution all play a critical role in our history and future on this planet.

InSite: Solar Powered Home Made from Local Materials

Students at Middlebury College designed InSite, an affordable solar-powered home made of local materials, featuring a green roof and a smart design.

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The World's Largest Solar Powered Boat Filters Sea Pollution

Powered entirely by solar panels, this boat will take a trip around the world filtering pollution from the oceans.

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Burn Rubber: The World's 9 Worst Tire Fires

Enormous, out of control tire fires are both terrifyingly evil in appearance and terribly deleterious to the environment. One might say they're WHEEL awful!

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Ocean Thermal Energy Plant in China to be World's Largest

Set to be the largest of its kind, a new power plant planned for the coast of China harnesses energy from differences in ocean water temperatures.

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Wind Power Wins: 13 Gusts of Energy Innovation

New innovations in wind power technology include silent, portable, highly efficient turbines that don't need blades.

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Bladeless Turbine Shows Off Wind Power of the Future

Mecanoo Architects and Delft University have unveiled a scale model of a new, bladeless, noise-free wind turbine design.

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Eco-Friendly: 8 Odd Japanese Environmental Mascots

These 8 oddly cute eco-friendly characters epitomize the subtle way Japan's governmental and corporate entities greenwash their environmental initiatives.

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Solar Powered Snowboard Charges Gadgets on the Slopes

This snowboard is covered in solar panels to gather energy on the slopes, and charge your gadgets when you're done.

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Girls in Africa Build Urine-Powered Generator

Four girls in Lagos have built a generator that can produce 6 hours of electricity from one liter of urine as part of this year's Maker Faire.

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Solar-Powered Internet Shipping Container Schools by Samsung

Samsung Africa has launched a shipping container school with solar-powered internet and computers that brings cutting-edge education to remote South Africans.

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It's Electric! 15 Clever Energy-Conscious Gadgets

These 15 innovative gadgets and ideas make us more conscious of our energy usage, and find surprising new ways to produce electricity.

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Geometric Prefab Solar Pavilion Soaks Up Maximum Rays

This unusual-looking geometric structure was designed with wedge-shaped cantilevered sections to soak up as much sun as possible and provide shade.

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14 Crazy Expensive Eco-Friendly Toys for the Filthy Rich

Can an $18,000 pair of 'green' flip flops really be all that eco friendly? These 14 items like cars and yachts come with outrageous price tags.

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Algae Innovations: 13 Alternative Bio-Energy Concepts

How many different ways can pond scum improve the world? These 13 concepts use algae as a sustainable biofuel and a natural way to clean the air and water.

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Green Olympics 2012: 12 Eco-Friendly Features

Are the 2012 Summer Olympics in London really all that green? Here are 12 examples of eco features like green buildings, local food and energy efficiency.

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