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Art and design are a part of anything we build, but these designers and artists are particularly informed by the natural order and chaos that surrounds us in our daily lives. Some draw on recycled materials while others find meaning in environmental patterns – some are focused on sustainability with a message and others are interested in aesthetics.

14 Smart Silo Conversions from High-Rises to Hidden Homes

Sewage bins in Amsterdam, wheat bins in Australia and coal bins in New York have been transformed into stunning high-rise apartments, homes and more.

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Suspended Swedish Tree Hotel Reflects Natural Environment

Experience the woods of Northern Sweden as would a bird nestled into a hole in a tree at the Tree Hotel, a mirrored cube in the sky with room for two.

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Acoustic Botany: Nature's Music Produced Scientifically

Artist David Benque explores humans' aesthetic relationship with nature in this intriguing conceptual art project: a genetically engineered musical garden.

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Brilliant Bio-Design: 14 Animal-Inspired Inventions

That's not a bat in the sky - it's a surveillance camera. Scientists and engineers are looking toward animal and human biology to inspire inventions like these.

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Suburb in the City: Unique Skyscraper Provides Urban Green

Apartment dwellers usually have to live without their very own green spaces.This building would provide personal outdoor yards for every resident.

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Giant German Airship Hangar Transformed into Tropical Resort

A massive airship hangar was transformed into a self-contained tropical city in the middle of the German countryside, complete with the world's largest pool.

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Crossing Over: Modular Green Wildlife Bridge Concept

To keep animals safe in the White River National Forest, this unique living green crossing would provide a comfortable means for crossing over Interstate 70.

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Turning Trash to Treasure: 16 Styrofoam Sculptures

9 artists make a statement with styrofoam, turning a material that is made to be discarded into a more permanent medium for all kinds of art projects.

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Inspired by Insects: 10 Creepy-Crawly Biomimetic Designs

Designers and architects take a close look at butterflies, beetles and other insects and arachnids to inspire more efficient solar panels, buildings and more.

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Hunter Stabler: Visions In Papercutting

Hunter Stabler holds a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania, and is an extraordinary papercutter who has elevated the craft to new levels.

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Out on a Limb at the Morris Arboretum Tree Adventure

Philadelphia's eco-friendly Out on a Limb treehouse/boardwalk at the Morris Arboretum Tree Adventure gives visitors a chance to experience the forest canopy.

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Sleeping in Trash, Trains & Drains: 14 Recycled Hotels

Sewage pipes, harbor cranes, patrol boats and an undersea research station offer up quirky upcycled places to sleep in these 14 green hotels.

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Oceanic Biomimicry: 13 Designs Inspired by the Sea

Tough body armor, pollution-sensing robots, graceful architecture and cars designed to function like schools of fish: all examples of sea-inspired biomimicry.

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Green City Rehab: 12 Eco Urban Makeover Concepts

How do we transform the car-clogged, fossil-fuel-chugging cities of the world into sustainable urban centers? These 12 novel ideas might help.

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Le Monolithe: Collaborative Mixed-Use Eco Complex by MVRDV

Design firm MVRDV unveils Le Monolithe, an eco-friendly mixed-use complex in Lyons, France that it created in conjunction with five other architects.

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