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Art and design are a part of anything we build, but these designers and artists are particularly informed by the natural order and chaos that surrounds us in our daily lives. Some draw on recycled materials while others find meaning in environmental patterns – some are focused on sustainability with a message and others are interested in aesthetics.

Stunning Snow Patterns Made by an Artist's Footprints

These amazing, intricate patterns in the snow weren't created by aliens - they were made by an artist, who uses special shoes to create prints in the snow.

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All About Cob: A Sculptural, Natural Building Material

Cob is a natural, low-cost building material with sculptural qualities that can be used to create complex houses, garden walls, pizza ovens, benches and more.

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Above the Rising Seas: 13 Climate Change Concepts

These 13 architectural concepts imagine the ways in which we could adapt to rising seas caused by climate change, like floating cities and artificial islands.

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Bonsai Tree Castles are Fantasy Worlds in Miniature

Artist Takanori Aiba crafts tiny dwellings, complete with towers and swinging bridges, within the branches of bonsai trees to create amazing miniature worlds.

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Eco Lofts Commune with Nature at This Mexico Hotel

These cute little pod hotels fit everything you need in a hotel suite, but the best part is the outdoor terrace and stunning views of Mexico's wine country.

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Branch Out: 15 Home Furnishings Inspired by Trees

These 15 decorative items and furniture designs take inspiration from the beauty of trees, both literally and symbolically, bringing nature into the home.

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Earth Art: 15 Inspiring Works that Celebrate Nature

These works of art made of driftwood, dandelions, leaves, pine cones and other natural materials celebrate the beauty of nature.

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Arboreal Architecture: Taking Inspiration from Trees

These 14 houses, pavilions, commercial buildings and other forms of architecture take inspiration from the shape and symbolism of trees.

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Found Object Art: 13 Sculptures Made of Reclaimed Items

Reclaiming random found objects for art is not a new thing, but these 13 artists use all sorts of waste materials in cool and surprising ways.

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Designing Dream Travel: 14 Spectacular Eco Hotels

These compact, portable, prefab eco-friendly travel destinations seem too amazing to be real, like a UFO suite and a 'magic mountain' complete with waterfall.

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Cool Creations: 20 Imaginative & Strange Ice Sculptures

Full-sized cars, ice hotels you can really sleep in, faces carved into cliff sides and castles are just a few examples of amazing things sculpted from ice.

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Silverthorne Ice Castle Glitters and Glows in Colorado

Ice castles soar 30 feet into the air and glow with an ethereal light after sunset in Colorado thanks to the artistry of Brent Christensen at Silverthorne.

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The Greenest Grass: 23 Everyday Items Made of Bamboo

Fast-growing bamboo makes a surprisingly ideal material for a wide range of products including furniture, electronics, caskets and entire buildings.

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Car Creations: 15 Things Made of Reclaimed Vehicles

Engine parts, car seats, hoods, tires and even seat belts are rescued from junked cars and turned into furniture, clothing, sculptures and more.

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Ultra-Compact Interior Designs: 14 Small-Space Solutions

You can fit more function into a tiny space than you think. These 14 furniture and storage solutions take full advantage of all available space in clever ways.

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