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Art and design are a part of anything we build, but these designers and artists are particularly informed by the natural order and chaos that surrounds us in our daily lives. Some draw on recycled materials while others find meaning in environmental patterns – some are focused on sustainability with a message and others are interested in aesthetics.

Think Pink: Women-Only Parking Around The World

Safety first or a sexist worst? These mainly pink "For Women Only" parking places and spaces are meant to give ladies a break whether they want one or not.

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Modern Design for the Dogs: 13 Cool Pet Products

Why shouldn't your dog's house and your cat's perch be just as nicely designed as everything else in your house? Check out these 11 modern pet products.

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Up To Our Ears: 7 Amazing Artistic Corn Mazes

I see your Japanese rice field murals and raise the bar with 7 artistic American corn mazes; proof that while rice may be nice, maize can be amazing!

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Micro-Dorms: Tiny Houses Popular on College Campuses

Could inexpensive, eco-friendly tiny houses made of locally sourced materials be better for students than standard dorms?

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Elegant Minimalist Bicycle Made of Bamboo Reduces Waste

Renewable, all-natural bamboo poles make up the majority of this simple, elegant bicycle design.

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Cutting Edge Green Architecture: 12 New Building Designs

Twelve new building concepts, and structures under construction, illustrate crucial features that could help make the future of architecture more sustainable.

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Fish Rocks Of Trona: Folk Art On A Geologic Scale

Trona, California is the last place on Earth one might find fish but here they are, no bones about it! The famous Fish Rocks are Folk Art on a geologic scale.

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Fab Tree Hab: Living, Ecosystem-Integrated Dwellings

This prefab building concept integrates human dwellings with nature by grafting living trees into them.

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Bend Bag & Begone: 7 Amazing Dog Poop Disposals

You've stooped, scooped and bagged Fido's poop... now what? These 7 dog doo disposal bins beautifully complete the chain of responsible pet waste disposal.

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Nature Through A Lens: 18 Amazing Flickr Photos

Photographers share incredible shots of bees in pollen, tulip fields, waterfalls, bison and more on Flickr Creative Commons. Here are 18 great examples.

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Cardboard Cathedral Replaces Church Destroyed by Earthquake

A chapel destroyed by an earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand has been replaced with a cardboard structure by architect Shigeru Ban.

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Architectural Reforestation: Beautiful Bamboo Buildings for Haiti

Naturally earthquake-resistant bamboo buildings made from adjacent bamboo forests could solve both deforestation and displacement problems in Haiti.

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Gut Feelings: 9 Overly Anatomically Correct Dolls

Dolls and animation characters displaying their internal organs is a thing, it seems. From Barbie to Blythe and Mario to Nemo, it's the bones' time to shine!

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Shimmering Faceted Greenhouse Inspired by Crystal Formations

Plasma Studio based its stunning design for a massive greenhouse in China on crystal formations.

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More Than a Box: 14 More Fun Shipping Container Projects

Vacation homes, traveling accommodations, pop-up exhibitions, retail shops and even urban farms have been constructed using reclaimed shipping containers.

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