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Art and design are a part of anything we build, but these designers and artists are particularly informed by the natural order and chaos that surrounds us in our daily lives. Some draw on recycled materials while others find meaning in environmental patterns – some are focused on sustainability with a message and others are interested in aesthetics.

Reindeer Sculpture Crocheted from 2,000 Plastic Bags

An Australian artist crocheted 2,000 single-use plastic bags into a reindeer sculpture to remind shoppers to reuse and recycle this Christmas.

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Flower Power: 12 Bloom-Inspired Building Designs

These 12 buildings, pavilions and large-scale sculptures have taken inspiration from lotus flowers and other blooms for beautiful shapes and structures.

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Artistic Anatomy: Dye Reveals Inner Beauty of Marine Life

A professor in Seattle uses special dyes to make the skeletal structures and tissues of marine life stand out for this series of beautiful photographs.

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Spark My Spokes: 7 Amazingly Cool Electric Bikes

So electric bicycles are a thing... but make no mistake, they're no passing fad. Speedy, silent and emissions-free, e-bikes are in it for the long run.

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Full Circuit: 12 Things Made from Reclaimed Computers

Cuff links, sneakers, world maps and functional furniture are among the items made from reclaimed computer monitors, keyboards, CPUs and more.

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Chameleon Cabin: Cardboard Hut Changes Color

This tiny house design changes color depending on where you're standing - and it's made of corrugated cardboard.

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Solar-Powered LED Clothespins Light Up Urban Nights

Clothespins do more than just hold clothes to a line as they dry - they could also collect solar power and emit colorful lighting at night.

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Wheelhaus: Rolling Cabin Designs Offer Small-Scale Comfort

These cabins are portable, efficient and affordable, but beautifully designed, ranging around 400 square feet.

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Hairy Art: 14 Weird Objects Made of Human Strands

Human hair is a renewable, natural, biodegradable resource, so maybe it's a good thing artists are using it to embroider, sculpt or even crochet clothing.

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Animal Mascots Of The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Animals dominated the final selections for the official mascots of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. See if you can “spot” the gold medal winner!

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Faster Food: 8 Amazing Aids For On-The-Move Eaters

Fast food not fast enough? These 8 amazing aids for on-the-move eaters aim to add even more convenience to meals made to be dispensed, digested and disposed of.

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Beach Cabana Made Almost Entirely of Reclaimed Pallets

Reclaimed pallets were used to create an awesome planter box exterior, lounge chair bases and more at a Japanese beach cabana.

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Flood Cubes: Sculptures Expose Creek Pollution and Debris

Sculptural 'flood cubes' by artist Eben Goff collect and expose the plastic bags and other trash floating in a Los Angeles County creek.

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Garden Variety No More: 7 Amazing Unusual Rakes

Charting the rake's progress from garden tool to astronomical aid is not unlike a journey from our agricultural roots to a future scratched out of alien soil.

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Major Kernels: 7 More Amazing Artistic Corn Mazes

Children of the Corn is scary but children love the corn and that's a fact! These amazing corn mazes show off American agricultural artistry to best advantage.

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