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Art and design are a part of anything we build, but these designers and artists are particularly informed by the natural order and chaos that surrounds us in our daily lives. Some draw on recycled materials while others find meaning in environmental patterns – some are focused on sustainability with a message and others are interested in aesthetics.

Jumping Brains: The Smartest Frogs In The Room

The Jumping Brain frog from visual artist Emilio Garcia has made the leap from creepy/cute concept design to a neuro-urban merchandising phenomenon.

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Wipe Wash & Reuse: All About Butt-Beautiful Family Cloths

Dump the TP; save an old-growth tree! Using reusable “Family Cloths” instead of disposable toilet paper is the true test of domestic eco-friendliness.

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Go Greenbacks: Carbon Fiber Wallets Aren't Cash Cows

Going green? The leather wallet in your pocket states otherwise. Put your money where your mouth is with a cool new carbon fiber wallet from Common Fibers!

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Sustainable 3D-Printed Fashion Inspired by Clean Energy

This stunning 3D-printed garment was inspired by the process of creating clean energy from water.

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Memory Wound: Striking Land Art Honors Norway Victims

An eleven-foot incision into the earth reflects the jarring and sudden loss of shooting victims on an island in Norway.

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Breathtaking Beauty: 8 Amazing Designer Gas Masks

Is this a bizarre new eco-fashion trend? A couple of Beijing newlyweds wore gas masks for an outdoor wedding photoshoot. Say yes to the mask AND the dress.

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Real Life Flintstones House: World's Biggest Piece of Pottery

The amazing 'Casa Terracotta' is the world's largest piece of pottery, a sculptural home made of locally sourced clay and baked in the sun.

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Tree Troll: Amazing Outdoor Sculpture Inspired by Nature

This incredible 10-foot Tree Troll sculpture will be recreated even larger this year using environmentally friendly, outdoors-safe clay.

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Elizabeth, Queen of Trash: Recycled Art by Jane Perkins

These incredibly intricate, detailed reproductions of famous paintings and portraits by Jane Perkins are made of buttons, beads and other reclaimed 'trash.'

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Galaxies of Trash: Tsunami Beach Debris as Art

Debris from the tsunami in Japan is collected in the Pacific Ocean and arranged into striking digital collages that mourn the lasting impacts of the disaster.

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High Tech, High Fashion: 13 Futuristic Green Garments

Sustainable technology like solar power, LED lights and even nanoparticle air filters is built right into these 13 cool eco-fashion designs.

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Animalia: Amazing Animal Portraits Burst with Character

Ornamental breeds of chickens and jewel-toned Singaporean fish show off for the camera in this gorgeous photo series by Ernest Goh.

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Bird Ballet: Plastic Bags Mimic Moving Murmurations

These incredible images capture the ballet-like movements of flocks of birds in the sky - yet they're made of plastic bags.

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Nature as Art: 14 Intriguing Environmental Installations

These 14 large-scale works of art use nature as either a canvas or art medium for massive sculptures and drawings made of snow, rocks, trees and more.

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Real Eco Friendly: The World's 7 Cutest Recycling Bins

By prompting smiles while encouraging respect for the environment, these 7 cute recycling bins help maintain cleaner & greener public places and spaces.

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