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Habitats can be anything and animals are notoriously anywhere – even in our clean-swept streets and well-kept suburban lawns. These articles explore the more amazing, strange, rare, exotic and endangered species of the world as well as the places they live, from far-flung forests to right down the road.

Have Friends, Will Travel: 10 Amazing Animal Migrations

Animal migrations, be they the fastest, largest, longest and even stupidest, are some of the most "moving" phenomena Mother Nature can show us.

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Selection Sunday: A Sweet 16 of Cool Animal Discoveries

In honor of NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday, WebEcoist provides a Sweet Sixteen of the most recent bizarre, intriguing and exciting animal discoveries.

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Animal Suicide: Realistic or Illegitimate?

Animal suicide is seemingly easy to dismiss on the surface but merits more thought when considering how captivity, depression and other factors can affect animals.

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Superman's View of Island Paradises: 37 Amazing Aerial Pics

Have you ever wanted to retreat from the daily grind to an island paradise? From Superman's point of view, here are 37 gorgeous island paradises and amazing aerials.

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Thicker Than Water? Antarctica's Amazing Ecosecret

Deep beneath the thick ice of Antarctica's glaciers lies a two million year-old secret: an entire ecosystem of microbes unlike anything we've ever seen before.

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Inner City Snails: Graffiti Humanizes The Urban Mollusc

"Inner City Snail", a unique concept by creative master Slinkachu, uses non-toxic paint to turn sluggish molluscs into miniature masterpieces of urban art.

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13 Fantastically Fun & Frightening Eco-Infographics

It's impossible to ignore the facts about rising sea levels, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and other environmental issues when they're this catchy & colorful.

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Role Reversal: 5 Strange Tales of Animal Male Pregnancies

Male pregnancy is a rare but real phenomenon in the animal kingdom, as evident in male frogs, bass, seahorses, pipefish and leafy dragon fish.

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Sounds Dangerous: 10 Insects With Scary Names

Insects may be small but many of them scare folks big-time based on their frightening names. Here are 10 such bugs whose barks are bigger than their bites.

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Shut Up: How Noise Pollution Is Affecting 10 Animals

Often man-made, noise pollution or environmental noise is adversely affecting birds, frogs, whales, dolphins, crabs, elephants and many other animals.

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Examining Killer Whales after the Tragic SeaWorld Attack

This week's tragic killer whale attack at SeaWorld has stirred controversy about the orca in question, Tilikum, and whether these dolphins should be captive.

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31 Aquariums From Wow to WTF [Pics]

These are 31 fish habitats found around that world. Some are works of wonder. Some others are more like WTF were they thinking when they designed that aquarium?

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Animal Hybrids: The Half-Lives Of 10 Curious Creatures

Animal hybrids can occur naturally or through the machinations of Mankind - either way, the resulting hybrids can be surprisingly vigorous.

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A New Breed of Intriguing Animal Breeding Habits

Researchers have recently discovered some interesting mating behaviors by fruit flies, fruit bats, cane toads, beetles and a group of birds called great tits.

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What Is KIDS and Why Should Koala Lovers Care?

In addition to habitat loss, chlamydia and other threats, Australian koalas are now rapidly suffering from KIDS (Koala AIDS) that is similar to human AIDS.

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