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Habitats can be anything and animals are notoriously anywhere – even in our clean-swept streets and well-kept suburban lawns. These articles explore the more amazing, strange, rare, exotic and endangered species of the world as well as the places they live, from far-flung forests to right down the road.

Sects in the City: Organic Wildlife Cities Pop up in London

Birds and bugs have some stylish new places to call home thanks to an art team that is working to promote biodiversity in the big city.

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Life Sucks: 10 Amazing Animal Vampires

Was Dracula onto something? Like the no-account count, these 10 bloodsucking animal vampires take their nourishment from a different vein... maybe one of yours!

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Poisonous? Really? Some Surprisingly Toxic Animals

Everyone knows scorpions are poisonous, but what about those cute and cuddly primates you see all over the web? These are some surprisingly toxic animals:

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Brush Your Beak: 10 Amazing Birds With Teeth

Do birds have teeth? No... and yes! When one stretches the definitions of what makes a bird or a tooth, birds with teeth aren't absolutely impossible anymore.

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Weirdly Wonderful: Winged Cats, Hulking Whippets, and More!

Not every person looks alike, and the same goes for animals. These amazing anomalies are some of the strangest creatures to grace the Earth.

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Honking Their Horn: 10 Amazing Real Unicorns

Where are the REAL unicorns - you know, the one-horned variety? These 10 amazing real unicorns show that staying single can be something special.

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For the Birds: 15 Awesome Avian Home Designs

No garden is complete without a house for our feathered friends, but why stick to boring boxes when you could have these artistic and creative bird houses?

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Outtasight! The 10 Most Amazing Eyeless Animals

Seeing is believing? Not so fast - these 10 amazing animals don't waste precious resources growing eyes. Why bother when vision is unnecessary; even impossible.

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Animal Metallicism: 10 Amazing Golden Creatures

Got the gold bug? These rare and beautiful creatures share a common bond: a warm, golden glow that gives them the look of exquisite, living treasures.

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7 New Bizarre & Amazing Animal News Stories

A bear that took a car on a joyride, a single jellyfish that stung 150 people and 5 more strange, awesome and inspiring animal news stories.

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Coprolites: A Few Words On Prehistoric Turds

Coprolites are fossilized poop. Though time-worn and (thankfully) odorless, coprolites can still tell us much about the creatures who excreted them so long ago.

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Insular Dwarfism: 12 Species that Evolved to be Small

Why would a hippo be the size of a pig, or a crocodile as small as a cat? Isolated environments can cause species to evolve smaller, so they need less food.

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Animal Gigantism: 13 Real-Life Godzillas

In some remote places like islands, animals can grow unbelievably large - seeming like giants compared to their mainland counterparts.

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Cool Cryptids: 14 Amazing Animals of Myth & Legend

From a bizarre giant worm that spits lightening out of its anus to the notorious goat-sucking 'Chupacabra', these mythical beasts have never been confirmed.

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Surprise Finds: 10 Strange Yet Exciting New Species

A recent top 10 new species list has it all, including a weird, rat-eating plant, head-spinning frogfish, sexually-suggestive fungus and much more.

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