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Habitats can be anything and animals are notoriously anywhere – even in our clean-swept streets and well-kept suburban lawns. These articles explore the more amazing, strange, rare, exotic and endangered species of the world as well as the places they live, from far-flung forests to right down the road.

Clearly Unusual: Transparent Eel Larva Has Nothing to Hide

Did you know that the larvae of most eel species is almost entirely transparent for the first three months to year of its life?

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Coffee, Tea or Meow? 10 Cat Cafes Around The World

For the past 15 years Cat Cafes the world over have been delighting fans of coffee and kittehs who enjoy taking a wee paws for stress-relieving refreshment.

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Not Science Fiction: 11 Real-Life Robotic Animals

Is that hummingbird watching you? Maybe. Check out these 11 robotic animals including surveillance birds, cargo-carrying mules and pollution-sniffing fish.

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Bird-Brained Recycling: Avian Homes from Plastic Bottles

All it takes to turn an ordinary disposable plastic bottle into a simple, surprisingly durable birdhouse is heating it and molding it into shape.

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Political Animals: Species Named For President Obama

Recently discovered species of lichen, fish, spiders and even an extinct lizard have all been named for America's 44th president, Barack Obama.

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Swamped: 7 Amazing Islands Overrun By Animals

These 7 amazing unbalanced island ecosystems overrun by animals offer up valuable lessons for the human stewards of our rapidly shrinking Island Earth.

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Legendary Leapers: 12 of Nature's Highest Hoppers

These extraordinarily athletic species - from tiny crustaceans and spiders to impala and sheep - perform amazing feats of jumping, leaping and catapulting.

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Bloody Bizarre: Sea Creature Resembles Rock with Guts

Though it looks like no more than a rock from the outside, break this thing open and you'll find a bunch of internal organs and meat.

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Oink Masters: The World's 7 Most Amazing Pig Farms

These 7 amazing pig farms offer alternatives that are better for the environment, for our sense of morality, and most of all for the pigs themselves.

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Sheep in Wolves' Clothing: 12 Tricky Mimics in Nature

These 12 impostors take on the characteristics of more venomous, unpalatable or otherwise undesirable prey to make themselves less likely to be eaten.

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Go Green Go! 10 Endangered Species Sports Team Mascots

Goodbye Hartford Whalers, hello Connecticut Whale! Naming sports teams after endangered species is a cool way to go green and raise environmental awareness.

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Rapt Isles: The World's 7 Most Amazing Snake Islands

In 2013 we'll be living in the Year of the Snake according to Chinese astrology. If that makes you nervous, imagine living full-time on an island of snakes!

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Armed & Fabulous: The World’s 8 Most Amazing Squids

If you're a sucker for strangeness, read on! These 8 amazing squids span the globe's oceans while expanding the envelope of any cabinet of curiosities.

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Rewind, Then Paws: Seven Amazing Wild Dogs

These 7 amazing wild dogs may be throwbacks to the earliest days of dog domestication but they also offer us a host of benefits... though on their own terms.

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Prints Of Darkness: 7 Amazing Animal Devils

These 7 amazing animal devils aren't actually evil, of course, but appearing, smelling and acting devilish are the keys to their success as species.

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