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Habitats can be anything and animals are notoriously anywhere – even in our clean-swept streets and well-kept suburban lawns. These articles explore the more amazing, strange, rare, exotic and endangered species of the world as well as the places they live, from far-flung forests to right down the road.

25 "Big Cat" Pictures As Captured By A Cat Whisperer

Using 25 of a cat whisperer's extraordinary images, here are 10 large cats we might not normally get close enough to say, here kitty kitty, smile for the camera.

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Living Large: Nine Outstanding Expanding Animals!

Size DOES matter: These 9 amazing animals prove that when the going gets tough, the tough get big!

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More Oddball Organisms: New Year Means New Weird

Living organisms continue to amaze in the form of recent bizarre discoveries surrounding lungless worms, lonely bacteria and coconut-crazy octopuses.

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Living Fossils: 10 Plants & Animals With Staying Power

Relatively unchanged for millions of years, these very "living fossils" have each managed to find a successful ecological niche and have stuck with it.

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15 Rare, Exotic & Amazing Plant Species

From a man-sized flower that smells like rotting corpses to a pitcher plant that eats rats, these 15 plant species are among the most unusual in the world.

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Stocking Stuffers: 10 Cool Animals for Christmas Gifts

For people uninterested in fighting for the hottest toy or gadget, considering dogs, cats or other animals as holiday gifts may be a cool approach this Christmas.

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Plight of the Polar Bear in 32 Pictures

Polar bears are the top predator in the arctic marine ecosystem. But thanks to mankind, these magnificent animals are headed for extinction.

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Incoming! The World's 10 Worst Invasive Species

These 10 invasive species are infamous for the environmental destruction they have caused, even when introduced with the best of intentions.

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Climate Change: 13 Animals Facing Future Dangers

Deforestation, global warming and other climate changes could have serious effects on dolphins, amphibians, turtles, penguins and many other animals.

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What's New Pussycat? 10 Alluring Animal News Stories

Animals are more than just our companions. We share a planet with them, and they often clue us in to fascinating new environmental knowledge.

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Underwater Jewels: The Ocean's Most Colorful Slugs

When we think of slugs, most of us picture the small land variety. But in the ocean waters lives a whole other world of colorful, fascinating sea slugs.

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Cool Animal Research: 5 Weird Medical Breakthroughs

From using maggots to heal wounds to learning how dogs may predict diabetic attacks, the value of safe animal research is seen in recent medical breakthroughs.

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Frigid Farewells: 10 Vanishing Tropical Glaciers

Tropical glaciers are retreating on a journey of no return and that's not cool, especially for the plants, animals and people whose lives depend on them.

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Animal Prosthetics: Uplifting Stories of Rehabilitation

From artificial turtle flippers to replacement dolphin tails, animal prosthetics aim to save injured animals and help them regain as much functionality.

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Surreal Science: 10 Sensational New Discoveries

Telepathy helmets, spray-on solar cells and seeing through a tooth: they may seem unlikely or even impossible, but these are real recent scientific discoveries.

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