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Habitats can be anything and animals are notoriously anywhere – even in our clean-swept streets and well-kept suburban lawns. These articles explore the more amazing, strange, rare, exotic and endangered species of the world as well as the places they live, from far-flung forests to right down the road.

Road Warriors: 4 Extreme Long-Distance Animal Travelers

Life is truly spent away from home and on the road for animal road warriors like bar-tailed godwits, European eels, estuarine crocodiles, Northern elephant seas.

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Housing On The Wing: 10 Bitingly Bizarre Bat Houses

These 10 bizarre bat houses may look somewhat creepy to us but to our furry flying friends, they're home sweet home.

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Captivating Creatures: 12 Spectacular New Species

A long-nosed frog, a bug-eating sea slug and a bioluminescent worm that drops glowing bombs are among 12 amazing recently discovered species.

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Jaws 7: Amazing New Shark Tales and Discoveries

Kings of the sea, sharks continually scare yet surprise, with recent discoveries uncovering shark ESP, camouflage sharks and even shark attack probabilities.

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Eerie Underwater Graves & Diving For Submerged Skeletons

Graves at the bottom of the ocean or other bodies of water are nearly impossible to visit. Here we dive for eerie underwater graves to view submerged skeletons.

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Extreme Eco-Fashion: 10 Recycled Critter Collections

Fur coats are nothing new, but these days enterprising designers are going whole hog by recycling all types of critter parts in the name of cutting edge fashion

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Clearly Beautiful: 10 Amazing Transparent Animals

Being transparent doesn't mean these animals have nothing to hide. On the contrary, their lack of pigment provides many benefits - even if you can't see them.

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Human-Like: 5 Animal Behaviors That Parallel People

When it comes to intelligence, memory, discipline, pain and grieving, animals like guinea pigs, horses, chimps, bonobos and mice are more human than we realize.

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The Secrets behind 5 Super Animal Protection Mechanisms

The secret is out on copepods, frogs, spitting cobras, elephants and many underwater sea creatures that utilize astounding self-defense mechanisms.

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Happy Mother's Day: Honoring 10 Caring Animal Moms

On Mother's Day, animal moms that care greatly for their young -- including cheetahs, orangutans, octopuses, frogs, alligators and more -- are celebrated.

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Trashed Planet: Our Global Pollution Hangover

As these photographs prove, subsisting on a decades-long diet of trash has made Mother Nature rough around the edges & in desperate need of a hardcore makeover

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Well Red: 10 Amazing Red Animals

Red animals are rarely retiring - their brilliant crimson, scarlet and vermillion hues dare others to notice them and often remind them to keep their distance.

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Virtual Exploration: 14 Amazing Google Earth Finds

Did Google Earth find Atlantis? Maybe not - but it did help locate a new human ancestor, an illegal drug farm, a heart-shaped island and more.

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Feats of Strength: 6 Amazing/Surprising Animal Superpowers

From daredevil damselfish to borneo ninja slugs to really strong dung beetles, some animals surprise with incredible feats reminiscent of fictional superpowers.

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Perpetually Petrified Bodies : 60+ Invasive Plastination Creations

Traveling cadaver exhibitions featuring permanently plasticized humans enable us to take a creepy peek in the mirror to understand what lurks beneath our skin.

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