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Strange and amazing animals, plants, phenomena and natural wonders can be found here, each collection an original compilation that builds on the classic and ever-reinvented set of 7 Wonders of the World – originally applied mainly to architectural and engineering works but now seen in a new environmental light.

7 Carnivorous Wonders of the Plant World

From an aquatic plant that sucks tadpoles into 'bladder traps' to pitcher plants that eat mice or survive on poo, these 7 carnivorous plants are truly amazing.

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Furry Forecasters: 7 Amazing Weather-Predicting Animals

These 7 amazing weather-predicting animals offer us more insight into weather's whimsy than Phil Connors on a good day. Now for today's fur-cast...

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A Striking Beauty: 7 Shocking Scenes Of Volcano Lightning

Add volcanic lightning to nature's igneous arsenal. Advances in high-speed photography show off the beauty of volcanic lightning in all its ex-static glory.

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Spits In The Ocean: Seven Spectacular Scenic Sand Spits

If you like beaches, you'll love spits. These seven spectacular scenic sand spits put you as close to the ocean as possible without getting wet.

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Rock Steady: The World's 10 Most Amazing Balanced Stones

Poised between inertial stability and the relentless force of gravity, these 10 amazing balanced stones maintain a precarious balance between soil and sky.

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Fin Day For A Stroll: Seven Amazing Walking Fish

A fish out of water? In my environment? It's more likely than you think, as these 7 amazing walking fish gladly step forward to show.

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Brush Your Beak: 10 Amazing Birds With Teeth

Do birds have teeth? No... and yes! When one stretches the definitions of what makes a bird or a tooth, birds with teeth aren't absolutely impossible anymore.

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Hard Woods: 10 Amazing Petrified Forests

Petrified forests: these beautifully colored remnants of long-vanished landscapes are important links to the world as it was many millions of years ago.

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Lost & Cast Away: Ten Amazing Uninhabited Islands

Scattered like verdant pearls from sea to shining sea, these ten amazing uninhabited islands offer a glimpse of primeval Eden far from the madding crowd.

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Animal Metallicism: 10 Amazing Golden Creatures

Got the gold bug? These rare and beautiful creatures share a common bond: a warm, golden glow that gives them the look of exquisite, living treasures.

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9 More Most Extreme Places on the Planet

This renewed look at our exceptional planet uncovers nine more extreme locations that rate their own place in the sun... rain, wind, snow, etcetera.

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Buzz Killers: 10 Of The World's Biggest, Baddest Bugs

These 10 big bugs show that giant insects don't only exist as fossils... or in nightmares. Put away that fly-swatter, you don't want to make these guys mad!

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Kickin' Ash: 10 Amazing Active Volcanoes

Around the world at any given moment, dozens of volcanoes are smoking, shaking and stirring up their neighborhoods. Here are 10 of the most active.

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The Deadly Nature & Mind-blowing Beauty of Lightning [PICS]

The natural phenomena of lightning occurs 100 times per second around the globe. Here's 39 photos to look at lightning's deadly nature and mind-blowing beauty.

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Well Red: 10 Amazing Red Animals

Red animals are rarely retiring - their brilliant crimson, scarlet and vermillion hues dare others to notice them and often remind them to keep their distance.

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