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Strange and amazing animals, plants, phenomena and natural wonders can be found here, each collection an original compilation that builds on the classic and ever-reinvented set of 7 Wonders of the World – originally applied mainly to architectural and engineering works but now seen in a new environmental light.

7 Creepy-Crawly Wonders of the Arachnid World

These seven scary spiders and scorpions are among the weirdest arachnid wonders of the animal world.

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Getting Their Kicks: The World's 7 Most Amazing Frogs

Leapin' liz... er, amphibians! Even when they're not jumping, these 7 amazing frogs will kick your appreciation for nature's wonder into high gear.

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Ice Keen Cones: The World's 7 Most Amazing Pingos

When's a mountain not a mountain or a volcano? When it's a pingo! Pingos are conical ice-cored landforms towering up to 70 m (230 ft) above the frozen arctic.

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7 Subterranean Wonders of the Animal World

Often blind, bearing terrifying claws or razor-sharp teeth, these pale and fleshy underground animals are incredibly creepy.

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Check This Out: 7 Amazing Checkered Creatures

Checkered animals take natural striped and spotted camouflage to the next level, proving there are certain advantages to being pawns in the game of life.

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Can't Spot This: 7 Unexpected Amazing Striped Animals

Zebras, tigers, meh... these 7 amazing striped creatures manage to fly below the radar while sporting some of the wildest stripes in the animal kingdom!

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Wildlife World Of Sports: 7 Animal Arena Invasions

Cover your eyes and hold onto your nuts: from squirrels to ducks to Pine Martens, these 7 amazing animal streakers demand their piece of the on-field action.

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Sea's Sick: 6 Floating Garbage Patches

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is shockingly huge, and it's not alone. These 6 floating flotsam fields display the consequences of blindly dumping downstream.

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7 (More!) Weird Wonders of the Marine Animal World

These bizarre creatures are among the weirdest served up by the sea, from a crab of nightmarish proportions to a pink shark with nail-like teeth.

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7 of the World's Weirdest & Most Unusual Mammal Wonders

These seven animals are some of the weirdest warm-blooded species found on earth, including the loris, the wrinkle-faced bat, the flying lemur and the platypus.

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Cagey Kitty: 7 Safe & Secure Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Indoor cats, outdoor cats... why not both? These 7 safe & secure outdoor cat enclosures give you and your feline friends the best of both worlds.

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Brewin' Green: 7 Amazing Eco-Friendly Breweries

Green beer... not just for St. Paddy's Day anymore! These 7 amazing eco-friendly breweries are helping to save the planet, one cold & frosty mug at a time.

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Commie Karma: 7 Amazing Recycled Trabant Cars

The smokey, smelly Trabant automobile endures as an iconic symbol of old East Germany. Over 3 million were built between 1957 and 1990... where are they now?

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Sweet Juices! The World's 7 Most Amazing Oranges

Oranges have grown to be the world's most cultivated tree fruit and these 7 amazing orange varieties boast a tasteful heritage dating back almost 5,000 years.

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Shock & Claws: The World's 7 Most Amazing Crabs

About 5,000 species of crabs live in every ocean, in fresh water and on land. Most look odd and act odder but these 7 crabs take oddity to a whole new level.

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